• I used to have dreams. Over and over and over. That I was running so fast downhill I would just start to fly.
  • You always kiss me exactly how you shouldn't kiss someone you're trying to say goodbye to.
  • The less I can remember how it feels to think the things I first thought, the more I want to throw up. I used to not understand text messaging. Because what can you say. In 160 characters. And now that is how I talk? And what I use to say things to other humans? Sigh. I used to be afraid of posting pictures of myself on the internet. Things I do not feel comfortable feeling comfortable with.
  • That. Is too much for one bullet to handle.
  • It's something like: that other humans can think things or notice things and say things and have them be funny or make sense or mean something, impresses/intimidates me into a ball that is then kicked into a corner. I don't know when that started.
  • It's only something like that.
aug 15 2010 ∞
dec 19 2010 +