• How did so much scared get filled up in me.
  • Where do I cut so that it can pour out.
  • When you are embarrassed of your concerns, you're telling yourself something.
  • You know the things you are doing are taking you further away from being the person you want to be, but the scared is sloshing inside and weighing you down and making what's right feel too heavy.
  • How'd you get so hurt and scared?
  • Why are you never just there? Why is there always a feeling that comes with your thereness. Why can't you just exist without all these pits and weights and scareds.
  • I've needed to throw up for so long.
  • She sees the drawings of the naked woman who aren't her. On his blog. And they're right there next to the ones she recognizes. As herself. And they're just there; there's no feeling that comes with their thereness. He hasn't titled hers anything special. He hasn't shaded with any perceivable added care the drawing of herself. He talks a lot about angles and houses. There's a drawing of a fly too, and despite wishing so badly the opposite, she thinks it's good. The wings are good.
  • How can you be a naked girl drawing among other naked girl drawings and not be bloated with fear?
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