• We met halfway.
  • You tasted like alcohol and like you were smiling.
  • You are the greatest drunk person. Because all it means is that you're a little bit stupider and so much happier.
  • And that whatever you say, you say nine times.
  • Wouldn't it be great if we were neighbors?
  • x9
  • My hair got stuck in a tree. And then a tree was stuck in my hair.
  • I fell asleep. On whoever's front yard that was. And I don't think you noticed. And I don't think it was longer than two minutes. But I was dead.
  • You missed your speech. At your sister's going away party. Because somehow twenty minutes turns into two hours. And we both pretend that wasn't always our intention.
  • I do so many things to try to make you mad. Why do I do that?
  • And you do nothing, but I get so mad. How do you do that?
  • I've never said it first before today. It's a big deal.
  • Also. This is crazy. And not going to end well.
  • But we'll always have this summer. Grass stains. And nine million pictures of each other's dogs on our phones.
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