• small pictures
  • self-indulgence
  • that i'm being self-indulgent by making this list. by having my own one of these.
  • blunt force trauma
  • all the times i've ever been awake before eleven.
  • making decisions
  • that making decisions is on this list.
  • parking
  • the pain i wake up to when i haven't worn my retainer in eight years, and randomly decide it's a good night to sleep with it on.
  • the noise cardboard makes
  • the idea that you have to do something during a day for it to be a day.
  • when people dress up as animals (mostly cats)
  • orifices
  • pretension
  • when my brother thinks I'm stupid
  • taking showers when it's cold
  • Hawaii
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dec 23 2010 +