• Clothes. It's unoriginal and financially draining. Dresses, sweaters, coats, costumes, gloves, socks - if I can stick in on my body, I want dozens of it.
  • Dessert. It doesn't matter what the meal was, or how full I am, I always want something sweet after. This may be why I'm always ten pounds heavier than I'd like to be.
  • Kisses. I love me some kissing. I'm pretty choosy when it comes to sex, but I'll make out with anyone(assuming, of course, that I'm free to) for hours.
  • Dates. The event, not the fruit. I love the nervous tension, I love finding new places or showing off favorite haunts. I love trying on four different outfits and ending up in the one I always wear. I love the delicious meals and I love the kissing.
  • Books. They're spilling out of the shelves, stacked up against walls, pouring out from under the bed, piled around chairs. Novels, biographies, cookbooks, knitting guides, history books, art books, computer books. They've taken over every apartment I've ever had.
  • Lip products - Anything I can put on my pucker. Glosses or lipsticks, clear or colored. I had to get a separate makeup case for my lip stuff. And I keep forgetting which colors don't suit me so I buy them again.
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