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I really love film.
More than I love my honda.

"Trouble is a sieve in which we shift our acquaintances, those that are too big to pass through are our friends." -Arlene Francais

lisa FILMS (hollis movie club)
ART (favorite exhibitions)
  • Graduate New York University with Honors (by May 2008)
  • Either be a producer's assistant or an editor once I graduate
  • Direct my first feature will all the funding I need to make my vision a reality
  • Direct a radiohead video
  • Win the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director (why not throw in Best Screenplay as well)
  • Get accepted in La Sorbonne and get a MA in Photography/Art History
  • Be a well seasoned director/screenwriter
  • Get married
  • Be financially well off where my mother would want for nothing
  • Able to reach out to people through my art, kindness, and generosity
  • to be continued.....
nov 22 2007 ∞
aug 7 2008 +

Music that makes me smile, skip a step, and just purely shout: "I AM SO HAPPY TO BE A-LIVE!!!"

  • Frenck Kicks-Oh Fine!
  • Mice Parade-Galileo (this songs makes me so happy that I just ache with joy...)
  • Of Montreal-Happy Yellow Bumblebee (a song sung from a prespective of a bee's life. It's the cutest thing ever)
  • Seu Jorge-Tive Razao (it reminds me of those crisp, clean days in San Francisco, where you can't help but to smile and be happy)
  • Hirondelle-Benoit Pioulard
  • The Impossible Shapes-I live on your roof
  • Mice Parade-Ground as Cold as Common
  • Animal Collective-Winter's love
  • Amerie-1 thing (gosh, such a great NYC vibe to that one. Makes you want to get dressed and go out)
jan 9 2007 ∞
sep 20 2007 +
  • Babies
  • Puppies
  • Good Food
  • Wonderful songs that linger throughout the day
  • the smell of the air during rainy season
  • snow
  • singing, singing, singing
  • dancing
  • creating something artistic and sharing with others
  • good grades
  • new shoes/clothes/items (even if it is toothpaste)
  • funny friends (i.e. Morea and Jess)
  • fleeting, joyous moments
  • pregnant women (it has something to do with the fact that I own ovaries)
  • bookstores (especially strand and little independent ones)
  • sweets (anything from lychee ice cream to...
jan 8 2007 ∞
feb 25 2007 +

These lists of songs are all the songs that have a struck a deep emotional core. Some of them I have cried to, fallen asleep to, and have tried to share with someone at some point in time. If you can, get these songs. they are poignant and amazing. FALLING IN LOVE PART I

  • Scatterbrain (As dead as leaves)-Radiohead
  • Fade into you-Mazzy Star
  • Between the Bars-Elliot Smith
  • Leonard says-The Brunettes
  • We'll never sleep (God knows we'll try)-Rilo Kiley
  • Say yes-Elliot Smith
  • Playground Love-Air
  • The Sofest Voice-Animal Collective
  • It's Almost a Trap-Architecture in Helsinki
  • Easy Love-Badly Drawn Boy
  • Everybody's gotta learn sometimes-Beck
feb 9 2007 ∞
feb 9 2007 +

The one thing that I really hate to be asked by people when I first meet them is "what is your favorite film?". That is a really, really difficult question for me. It is like asking: "which one is your favorite child?". There are a lot of films since I was five and until now that have inspired me to be a filmmaker. I love film. Whether it is a stupid,cheesy romantic comedy or a delicate story about the human spirit. I just love it all. I can't wait until the day when I will touch someone with my vision.

  • CQ
  • Lost In Translation
  • The Virgin Suicides
  • The Royal Tenebaums
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Thumbsucker
  • Adaptation
jan 25 2007 ∞
jan 25 2007 +
  • Because it has beautiful colors on the walls
  • everything is remodeled and almost brand new
  • I live on the top floor of a house
  • I have built in shelves
  • My roommate is normal and nice
  • 19 minutes away from school
  • It has a cozy, warm feeling towards it
  • We have a deck
  • Plenty of walls to decorate
  • walk in closet
  • old charming detail
  • peaceful
  • quiet neighborhood and street
  • On the edge of Williamsburg
  • It feels like home
sep 15 2006 ∞
sep 15 2006 +
  • I miss smelling the lingering smell of fixer on my hands
  • Working on a hard print for hours upon hours and getting the final perfect print
  • Lingering and drooling at all the cool stuff at Looking Glass
  • Manipulations of images that I made
  • Seeing my pictures come out on the film roll after spending hours in the dark, shaking nervously while rolling said roll
  • My teacher complimenting my work
  • The photo community at DVC
  • Alex
  • Chris Marker
  • Tim
  • Listening to music while developing in stop bath
  • Creating something and pushing my creativity at the same time
aug 28 2006 ∞
aug 28 2006 +
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  • Sofia Coppola
  • Tina Fey
  • Natalie Portman
  • Jane Rosenthal
  • Lydia Dean Pilcher
  • Elodie Bouchez
  • My friend, Wendy
  • Julie Delpy
  • Isabel Croixet
  • Grunder Chundra
  • Laura D'antoni
  • Taylor Alef
  • Mammita (the courage to have me at 23 and to raise me not to be a crack head)
  • Jennifer Sullivan
dec 24 2007 ∞
aug 7 2008 +
  • Went to Coney Island for the first time and ran on the beach.
  • Got to hang out with new friends
  • Ate at Lombardi's
  • Had Rice to Riches for a fourth of July Desert
  • Watched Paris Je t'aime for the second time and cried. I want to make films like that.
  • Ran a couple of miles with friends to the East River to watch fireworks.
  • Hung out in steve's apartment and played music and talked with friends.
jul 6 2007 ∞
jul 6 2007 +
  • I know how to swordfight.
  • I was born with six fingers (on both hands). The doctors were freaking out because my mother had a very troublesome pregnancy.
  • I am very,very partial to pens. I won't write something (essays, poems, journal entries, etc.) without the right type of pen.
  • I have been taking photos since I was 12. It all started when my mother bought me a polaroid camera and we went to Walt Disney World.
  • I am a late bloomer in a lot of ways. My first kiss was when I was 19.
  • As a child, I would take apart my toys and try to fix them to their original state. But it never worked for I was five and didn't have the knowledge to fix them.
  • In my pre-teens, I was fascinated by numbers and was, probably, good at math (didn...
feb 13 2007 ∞
apr 1 2007 +

I don't curse;I rarely,rarely do it. Actually, I really don't believe in it. So, for me, I have alternatives that I shout out that I think that sounds better than the regular garden variety of interjections.

  • Oh, poo!
  • Fiddliesticks!
  • Heck!
  • What on God's Green Earth!?
  • Shoot!
  • Darn!
  • Suck it!
  • Dang it!
  • Punk!
  • grrrr! (while shaking fists)
  • That is so wrong!
  • Frinkin A!
  • what a whackadoo!
  • Total Crap!(or B.S.)
  • Jesus!
jan 27 2007 ∞
feb 9 2007 +
  • Assistant Directing a short the next two weekends
  • Have to film five shorts by the end of the semester
  • Art Directing a short in March
  • Planning for the Cannes Film Festival
  • Might have a position on a graduate's senior thesis
  • planning for my Color Sync (8 minute film slated to shoot over the summer)
  • Have to edit five films on steenbacks
  • Photographer for the Producer's Guild (East Coast Chapter)
  • Constantly being asked to help with people's film shoots
  • Writing a fifteen screenplay by the end of the semester
  • Drafting, fake models, collages, and etc. for Art Direction Class
jan 31 2007 ∞
feb 1 2007 +
  • Jose
  • Gabe
  • Dan
  • Mike
  • Having to call some of them to do character sketches
  • having to think about more than I already do
  • One of them actually wanting to see me again
  • "I am happy that you are happy."
  • the feeling of lost from all four situations
  • reckless abandon
  • trying to move forward even though it lingers in the background
  • just feel like writing it out
  • hopefully make something lucrative out of bad choices and experiences
oct 2 2006 ∞
oct 2 2006 +
  • walks around the village with my friend lila
  • just not using a car and worrying about gas or tickets
  • multiculturalism
  • more to experience than, lets say, vallejo
  • new york university
  • running around with friends
  • acquaintances that have become friends
  • while crossing one of the avenues (5th,6th, etc.) and looking up the street and seeing the huge rows of buildings
  • the quiet streets and smells of Manhattan (West Village) at 3 in the morning
  • running into movie and TV sets while walking to school
  • running into famous people on the streets (literally)
  • FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!!!
  • Central Park in Winter time
aug 28 2006 ∞
aug 28 2006 +
  • Man on Wire
  • Hable Con Ella
  • Control
  • In to the wild
aug 7 2008 ∞
aug 7 2008 +
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This past summer was a difficult one, emotionally. I was starting to lost my love and passion for film, I wanted to quit, hide, and never do film again. So, in the form of therapy, I started to go to the movies and watch films that would give me inspiration and remind me why I love film so much. Also, it was good escapism for all the crazy/depressing stuff that I have endured this past summer. I don't think I have fully recovered, but I am slowly becoming myself again.

  • Paris Je T'aime (I am pre-ordering it on Amazon. Cried and smiled at the same time. Made me believe in love again.)
  • Once
  • Dedication
  • Fracture
  • 2 Days in Paris (Love Julie Delpy/Adam Goldberg. One of the most poignant endings.)
sep 9 2007 ∞
sep 9 2007 +
  • A "dress-up-as-your-favorite-movie-character" party
  • I am going as Margot Tenenbaum
  • I FOUND the EXACT MARGOT COAT for my costume at Canal Street Jeans for a cheap price
  • Wendy is going as either patricia franchini or Molly Ringwald from Pretty In Pink
  • Morea as "george of the jungle" (although, I don't know if he is going to make it)
  • Wendy coming as Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles
  • Laura making homemade Tiramisu (her dad's recipe straight from Sicily!)
  • Sheryl making a German Chocolate Cake from SCRATCH!
  • Dan coming as Lloyd Christmas.
  • Dance party with Wendy rapping Humpty Dumpty (Come her fat girl are you ticklish?)
mar 19 2007 ∞
apr 26 2007 +
  • one day, I would actually, you know, become an adult. Not so goofy.
  • tone down the always think the grass is greener when you are looking at a superficial level. But, you never REALLY know what is going on inside people's hearts, minds, and lives.
  • Better time manager. Rushing in the morning is not cool anymore.
  • dressing better. Like...actually being a girl and putting together cute outfits. stop looking like you rolled out of bed (hence time management).
  • stop doubting God. When things get stressful/sad/doubtful/wrong/depressing/anxious/etc., I tend to forget that there is something much more bigger and powerful than the present situation and it will work out fine.
  • Stop dwelling in the past. It's the PAST. It is gone. It cannot hurt or affect you...
jan 25 2007 ∞
feb 9 2007 +
  • Everything was planned down to the wire; I even got plastic bags for the camera in case it snowed. But when we set up the first shot and I tried to reach for the light meter, it was not there. I went on a panic search that lasted for three hours (we meet up and started at 9, didn't start shooting until 12:30). Come to find out, that it was only a few blocks away at my crew member's dorm, sitting on her desk.
  • My actor, which is my friend, David, got sick while accompanying me on the search for the light meter. I could hear him throwing up from the men's bathroom.
  • It was really, really cold in Washington Square Park and there was a lot of down time for the crew, it kept getting colder and colder.
  • Everyone ran late for this shoot, including myself.
feb 2 2007 ∞
feb 2 2007 +
  • People are always trying to open the doors when they are closing on them
  • People crowd around the doors, but totally ignore the middle section of the cart which has a lot of space
  • Sometimes, men give up their seats for you
  • Hipsters, hipsters, hipsters
  • Cool random people to talk to
  • Randomly comes when it wants to (one of the most undependable trains in NYC)
  • The ONLY train for Williamsburg and Ridgewood
  • Half of NYU lives off these stops
  • When a train arrives and it stops, the people that are waiting to board position themselves like runners in a race. It is pretty funny.
  • The train is so WINDY when it arrives at that Union Square/14th stop
  • 85% of the time it is action packed (to t...
nov 13 2006 ∞
nov 13 2006 +
  • their sense of humor
  • how they gaze into your eyes for a period of time
  • masculine mannerisms
  • how they try to protect you
  • how they say that they "don't care", but secretly seek your approval/opinion/insights
  • how they cradle your body with their arms and hands
  • the cute excuses that they give in order to touch you (i.e. my hand is cold)
  • how some allow a real honesty between the two of you
  • their strength in areas where they need to be strong
  • their consideration
  • appetites
  • facial hair. ('nough said!)
  • try to be great providers
  • heights (him towering me is nice.)
aug 28 2006 ∞
aug 28 2006 +