• The Secret of Nimh - My Tio Ramon used to play this for us whenever he was stuck with babysitting and it worked like gangbusters. We'd be enthralled, sitting happily through two or three viewings in a day.
  • The Dark Crystal - Some of it scared me, but I was hooked.
  • The Last Unicorn - A lot of the subject matter was a little too complex for me to follow as a child but what did it matter? It was a whole movie about a unicorn.
  • The NeverEnding Story - I wanted to marry Atreyu. He was my first real childhood crush.
  • Batteries Not Included - I wanted a tiny robot for my very own, almost more than I wanted a unicorn.
  • Xanadu - Another babysitter, this time my cousin Jimmy, used this to distract us. The three of us parked on the couch, singing along to Olivia Newton-John.
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