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Train yourself to be your own best friend & loving parent. And remember that all suffering is made up by your & others' heads ("pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"). Remember that state of serenity on Oct 22-23, 2019 as a truly healthy state. And gently steer yourself into doing 3/3/3+1 with curiosity, self-compassion, mindfulness, a learning-goals approach where possible (Er. S.' stuff hel...

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  • rosy retrospection
    • why it's bad: a) "Something may be fairly enjoyable, but a comparison to a positively distorted past event may diminish your perception of the current event. // b) Without storing negative experiences, you may fail to incorporate constructive feedback. Rosy mechanisms may help to explain why people often seem to repeat the mistakes of the past."
    • reasons behind RR, theories: a) "our tendency to not take note of moments occurring in the middle of a story, the less dramatic or exciting parts, and thus less memorable ones"; b) "people steer their recollections of events towards their pre-constructed narratives."
    • vs nostalgia: "nostalgia describes a general longing for the past, while rosy retrospection is a cognitive bias in which we view the past inaccurately, through ‘rose-colored glasses"
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