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Remember that all suffering is made up by your & others' heads ("pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"). Remember that state of serenity on Oct 22-23, 2019 as a truly healthy state. And gently steer yourself into doing 3/3/3+1 with curiosity, self-compassion, mindfulness, the learning-goals approach instead of the performance-goals approach where possible (Er. S.' stuff helps!)

listography TERMS

a reminder: consume this stuff very sparingly - try to replace with self-care power-ups and skills-building pomodoro sessions as much as possible.


  • watching movies/series/interviews regularly creates an illusion of living a life / dynamic life / making progress / expressing yourself (via individual consumption choices)
  • it's a way to eat away existential pain / emptiness because of not doing anything properly nourishing with your time, not building any skills / not growing - but you need to leverage that pain & hunger to move forward!
  • it triggers your biological programming for coupling, for getting well-connected socially, and it's a big no-no for you now and maybe forever, so you will just experience the pain of longing, increased loneliness, etc., and this, in turn, will decrease your productivity and income, which is a big no-no too.
  • passive entertainment is bad for your brain
  • if you are about to consume it as a way to satisfy your social hunger / cravings for warmth, it either means that you are very underslept (then the correct solution is to get enough sleep), or haven't seen yourself/haven't been with yourself for at least a few days (i.e. didn't journal/doodle, didn't took daytime breaks - do it now!), or had an increased volume of social interactions recently and are experiencing withdrawal effects (just wait it out, meditate it out, journal/doodle it out!), or it's that part of spring when everything wakes up (just meditate it out, journal/doodle it out!), or it's that part of autumn when you start craving human warmth and feel as if something is crying inside you (just meditate it out, journal/doodle it out!).


  • The End of the F***ing World, S02 (UK, 2019) with skipping (November 10?)
  • (f writer) This Way Up S01 (UK) with skipping (early October?)
  • Sherlock S01, S02, S03, S04 with lots of skipping for some; S02E01 fully (UK, 2010-2017), Sep 18? - Sep 22
  • Rue & Jules storyline from Euphoria S01, Aug 23?
  • Sjukt Oklar (Sweden, 2018), Aug 20?, with bad English subtitles
  • (doc/TV movie) What The Durrells Did Next (UK, 2019), narrated by Keeley Hawes, Jun 26
  • (f, stand-up) Sara Pascoe Live: LadsLadsLads (UK, 2019) , in several sessions, ~Jun 17-19
  • (f) Gentleman Jack (UK, 2019). The whole project is lightly therapeutic and empowering in a non-preachy way. /April-June
  • (f writer) bits of Happy Valley S01, S02 (UK, 2014, 2016) (the main character is refreshing bc of her quiet/understated demeanour & empathy combined with strength & pragmatism; all the rest isn't worth it) because the writer is the same as for Gentleman Jack /May 24-25
  • Petra & Jane(s) storylines from Jane The Virgin
  • (f writer) Killing Eve S02 (UK, 2019). It's a joy to watch Jodie Comer in non-dull scenes. /April-May
  • parts of Mary Kills People (Canada, 2017-2019) - too flat plus the actress playing the daughter gets too old and it's such a bad miscasting then
  • (until mid-season when it all got too boring/flat) good bits of Whiskey Cavalier (US, 2019): Lauren Cohen in comedic/warm scenes - there are 1-2 strong ones per episode
  • some episodes of The Good Fight S02 (US, 2019) - not my cup of tea
  • (f writer) TV: Fleabag S02 (UK, 2019)
  • parts of the first 2 seasons of some episodes of Grantchester (UK, 2014+)
  • parts of some episodes of The Mentalist (US, 2008-2015)


  • (a satirical comedy) How To Use Guys With Secret Tips / Nam-ja sa-yong-seol-myeong-seo (South Korea, 2013), Oct 26
  • Kincsem - Bet on Revenge (Hungary, 2017) with skipping, Oct 19-20 night
  • Blush / Barash (Israel, 2015) with skipping, Oct 19-20 night
  • parts of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), Sep 18-19?
  • parts of Sherlock Holmes (2009), Sep 18-19?
  • (f) Nina (Poland, 2018), Aug 24, with a bit of skipping
  • Producing Adults / Lapsia ja aikuisia - Kuinka niitä tehdään? (Finland, 2004), Aug 22 (in a non-linear way & with some skipping)
  • Several Conversations About a Very Tall Girl / Cateva conversatii despre o fata foarte inalta (Romania, 2018), Jul 12-13
  • rewatched favorite parts of Chinese Puzzle / Casse-tête chinois (France, 2013, dir. Cédric Klapisch), Jun 21
  • rewatched parts of Thelma (Norway, 2017, dir. Joachim Trier), Jun 13-14
  • The Long Shot (USA, 2019; Charlize Theron + Seth Rogen) with skipping
  • (f) Tell It to the Bees (USA, 2018) with skipping.
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