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Remember that all suffering is made up by your & others' heads ("pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"). Remember that state of serenity on Oct 22-23, 2019 as a truly healthy state. And gently steer yourself into doing 3/3/3+1 with curiosity, self-compassion, mindfulness, the learning-goals approach instead of the performance-goals approach where possible (Er. S.' stuff helps!)

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  • TV: Madeleine Martin (Swedish actress) in the comedic bits in Sjukt Oklar (2018)
  • TV: Melanie Scrofano in the comedic bits of Wynonna Earp
  • Olivia Colman when funny or dramatic - her animated childish (& mature at the same time) face, the way she is (very organiclaly - as if its a vital part of her) always apt for comedy, the way she says comedic lines
  • Valeria Bruni Tedeschi as a comedian
  • Micheline Lanctôt in Sarah Prefers to Run (2013) - I guess she was just being herself, but still she seemed like a beautiful human
  • Cecile de France in Chinese Puzzle, the demonstration scene in L'Auberge Espagnole, The Kid with a Bike
  • Emmanuelle Devos in comedies (subtle physical comedy, gusto, unbeautiful appearance according to conventions) and being seductive in In the Beginning (2009)
  • in comedies / comedic scenes
    • Imogen Poots in She's Funny That Way (2015, Peter Bogdanovich)- she is a very enjoyable presence, she literally glows & sparks (except for the scenes where she is telling her life story)
    • Kelly McAndrew as lingerie salesperson in Appropriate Behavior (2014) - th eonly clip available on Youtube and actually the best scene in the movie
    • Virginie Efira in 20 ans d'ecart (2013) — sharp, of a great variety, cartoonish even (but concise!) comedic face expressions while keeping the rest of the body still (that restrain also fits the role she is playing). It happens in some scenes only though (and could silent movies be the source of inspiration? or animation movies even?). Also (non-comedic): the way she smiles when looking at him (showing her teeth a bit, horizontally) AND the way she looks at him during the whole farewell scene after he drove her home. AND her smoking-smiling scene in the taxi.
    • Sandrine Kiberlain in ensemble comedies (i.e. as a spice)
    • Noemie Lvovsky in a sidekick role
    • Catherine Frot in her first scenes of Boudu (2005)
    • Ruta Vega Fernandez in the 1st car scene on the morning-after in Kyss Mig
    • warm comedies / comedic scenes
      • Rebecca Hall in Please Give (2010, Nicole Holofcener)
      • Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice
      • Andie MacDowell and (balances out MacDowell's warmth with self-ironic snobbish bitchiness) Anna Chancellor in Crush (2001, UK)
      • Elizabeth Perkins in Big (1988)
  • Lea Seydoux in non-costume non-blockbuster films (face expressions for introverted drama & pain & attraction & aggression - all giving an impression that there is a deep inner life & culturedness & acceptance of life toughness beneath — _still an inaccurate description_)
  • Adele E. in BITWC (everything)
  • Liv Mjones in ~40% of her Kyss Mig, part 1 segments
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