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Remember that all suffering is made up by your & others' heads ("pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"). Remember that state of serenity on Oct 22-23, 2019 as a truly healthy state. And gently steer yourself into doing 3/3/3+1 with curiosity, self-compassion, mindfulness, the learning-goals approach instead of the performance-goals approach where possible (Er. S.' stuff helps!)

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  • getting sociable online = in 95% of the cases, it's a sign that I'm unwell (routinely not getting enough sleep, enough B vitamins; not managing the stress or agitation properly; eating something so sweet or/and cocoa-rich that it makes me very impulsive), and if it so in the current case, then socializing now would just add more stress and distractions and damage (unlike what I'm told by the way friendships are depicted on TV/film & all those research studies showing how health-promoting and stress-reducing it is to be sociable/socially connected; I assume this abnormality of my reactions could be because of hyperreactivity of ADHD brain / dopamine production issue OR/AND because I'm not good enough yet at finding people who are a good match for me).
    • QUICK FIX: to prevent yourself from contacting someone online:
      • if you think that what you have to say is really useful to the person, postpone it for 2-3 days (your message will be more to the point, more thought-through (and thus more valuable to the recipient!) AND you will be more prepared for a rejection/perceived rejection).
      • do a 15min+ journaling session
  • "feeling lonely" = I haven't been with myself, haven't seen myself for quite a while (i.e., haven't been journaling or at least doodling daily).
    • QUICK FIX: to reliably remove or minimize the pain, do journaling 15min+, then doodling 5min+
  • "craving warm social interactions" = neglecting my emotional self-care activities and sleep quality for so long that I've become needy.
    • QUICK FIX: to unlock your productivity potential for the day, do luck affirmations.
  • "being chronically & massively underslept" = routinely forgetting that
    • getting 7-8h of sleep is a pre-requisite for me making enough money to support myself continuously (not just from time to time);
    • the 3rd glass of tea for the day must be of weak tea, and no later than at 2pm, but generally try to drink max 2 glasses a day;
    • I inevitably wake up early in warm seasons (when the sun rises early), so the only way for me to get 7h of sleep is to go to bed by 11pm;
    • consuming food containing lots of liquids a few hours before sleep is a bad idea.
    • if I woke up too early, I usually CAN go back to sleep if I'm decisive enough about it and put & keep my focus mid-chest (smile from the heart) instead of in my head/mind.
    • QUICK FIX: do luck affirmations in the evening - it will make you present enough to go to bed at a healthy time.
  • "nobody cares about me" = I'm too distracted from my priorities right now AND I'm probably very underslept (and thus emotionally vulnerable and needy) right now. And yes, nobody cares about me. (1) We are all humans, being busy dealing with our own stuff & pain + (2) I'm not interested in "building" relationships with people and - surprise! - of course I don't have them.
    • QUICK FIX: do the stuff that will engage your brain quite strongly & give you the feeling of self-efficacy, i.e. Memrise training, BrainHQ 10min+, doodling.
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