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i haven't used this in a year. i'm a 23 year old college graduate. as of right now, i have no intention to go back to school. maybe that will change next year. i have my degree in journalism, however i choose to make coffee at starbucks.

frozen yogurt still makes me happy.

janny movies (seen in 2012!)
movies (seen in 2011!)
television (ALIAS time)
games (to play (or finish) in 2009/2010/2011)
books (mansfield park)
  • stayed in bed well after i woke up
  • ate a yogurt parfait
  • brushed my teeth
  • went to see the orthodontist
  • went to sowing sisters and bought fabric
  • went to my work
  • chatted with leah in the back room
  • grabbed a green tea lemonade
  • went to albertons
  • discovered that no where has good valentine's gifts
  • went home
  • got a phone call from dez
  • discovered listography
jan 25 2008 ∞
jan 25 2008 +