• i don't care about how my hair looks anymore
  • i'm too lazy to look good so i just cycle the same outfits every week
  • i drink a lot more water
  • my skin is more oily
  • i am constantly either melancholy or trying to impress someone
  • i can't control what i say
  • i'm a bitch
  • i study never
  • i regret never studying
  • i still get a's in french and biology and literature HOW
  • im in college now and it's hella weird
  • i dropped out of college it's weird
  • im back in college it's mildly weird
  • college is weird
  • i dropped out of college again for health reasons
  • im apathetic
  • my writing has taken a turn for the extraordinary
dec 8 2011 ∞
feb 7 2015 +