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"넌 그저 그렇게 아무렇지 않게
넌 웃고 있는데 들리는 네 말에
You always say "I'm okay" 하지만 다 보여
너의 마음속 외로이 흐느끼는 너
조용한 방 불을 끄고 나면
환하게 웃고 있던 넌 점점 시들어가
아무도 없는 빈 공간
가끔 긴 한숨만 들리는 밤
너의 마음속 외로이 흐느끼는 너"

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  • This has gone on long enough. It's time we execute all non-artists. -04/12/2024
  • I'm so grateful right now. I'm going to Kent's summer fashion program this June!!! Ughhh I can't wait, I'm so glad I managed to sign up on time. It's going to be amazing. -04/02/2024
  • On the occasion that the question "if you could learn an instrument, what would it be?" ever comes up, I always, without hesitation, say bass. And I don't tell anyone when they ask, but it is entirely because of this one video of DPR IAN shirtless drinking a glass of wine and playing the bass solo part of Calico because I thought it was just really really hot. -03/17/2024
  • I've noticed that hearts are a recurring theme in my art, both cartoony ones and realistic ones. Something about them I just really like. Also eyes, but what artist doesn't like drawing eyes? -03/16/2024
  • I think my new motto is "I should be at fashion week, not (insert boring place I don't belong). I really should be at fashion week. -02/13/2024
  • Today I drove my car up to the top level of a parking garage, and sat there and read silently. It was wonderful. I hope a time where I have more time like that to myself comes soon. -02/07/2024
  • I sure hope it's not a turn off that I replied to the email regarding my job interview at damn near midnight. -02/06/2024
  • I'm literally just a teenage girl, let me live my life. I'm so tired. I miss having the energy to create things. My brain is exploding with ideas but all I can bring myself to do is doom scroll and sleep. -02/05/2024
  • this is oddly specific, but I love music that makes me feel like I'm floating through space. I can't quite describe it, but I just know it when I hear it. The example that brings this thought to mind is Psycho by Red Velvet. It makes me feel a different kind of nostalgia, I guess in kind of a "missing something that never existed" kind of way. I think I should make some kind of art inspired by it, since it has been one of my favorite songs for around 4 years now. -01/14/2024
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