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  • water
  • embarking upon (a) new routine(s)
  • my car
    • driving
  • flowers/bouquets/beautiful vase arrangements
  • "Magic Man" - Heart
  • WODS OLDIES 103.3
    • going to miss this so much in Amherst :(
  • Napa cabbage salad
  • my dorm room!
  • riding my bike every morning
  • apple cider
  • tea-time
  • my Frye boots
  • jeans!
  • shoes
  • spin class with Kami
  • elaborate salads at the dining hall
  • being friendly to strangers (weird, I know!)
  • saying "lol" sometimes as a big huge funny joke (hahaha)
  • never shaving again!
  • being a very strong, confident, friendly woman
  • Russian Tea on Thursdays
  • alfalfa sprouts on anything
  • pressin' pretty leaves
  • Grandpa Joe solo visits
  • the tallest man on earth
sep 2 2010 ∞
sep 29 2010 +
user picture Cathy: Russian class! So jealous! sep 9 2010
user picture Sam: you're being friendly to strangers? oh, i'm so proud!! sep 12 2010
user picture Astrid: I'm trying, Sam! I've been inspired by many people: a homeless street performer, two women with a dog while hiking, random people complimenting my clothes, a sweet asian girl in my physics class, etc.! people keep surprising me with kindness and friendliness so I want to do it too! it makes me happy!
user picture Katie: never shaving again?! LOL =) way 2 go gurl. sep 17 2010