• boston cream pie
  • chicken salad with chik'n strips from tj's
  • pickles with cukes from my garden
  • anise cookies
    • pizelles if possible (not possible)
  • ice cream
  • bread
  • foccacia zaa (like ma did in the old days!)
jul 11 2009 ∞
jul 24 2009 +
user picture Katie: hit me up with those pickles!! jul 12 2009
user picture Ivy: hahah not possible
user picture Sam: Chik'n salad?! Oh my god, invite me over, PLEASE!
user picture Meredith: why are pizelles not possible?!? jul 23 2009
user picture Ivy: she needs the press for it-- do you think you could use our normal waffle press? jul 24 2009