• "I commend you for looking so put-together every day this early." - t. in russian
  • "I love your shoes! Where did you get them? I really appreciate your style." - tan boy in worcester
  • "Do you have a nice ass?... I mean, since your name is Astrid, shouldn't that mean you have a nice ass? Stand up, girl!" - girl who looked like Tavi @ bennington
  • "Woah, that girl has crazy shoes! Why can't I stop staring at her ass?"-- said about me to someone I know who told me this... lol @ wearing 5 inch heels on campus and causing a huge ruckus.
  • "You look like you should be married to a rockstar." - r.

L0L people surprise me sometimes

sep 15 2010 ∞
nov 14 2010 +
user picture Meredith: this list made me happy. and it's so true! sep 19 2010
user picture Sam: hahahahahaha @ #3! sep 20 2010