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  • pay off the mortgage on our house
  • fix the green car
      • and buy a white/forest/navy '90 cabrio as its sibling
  • buy a vintage chanel bag
  • help fund worthy scientific research/ do my own
  • buy my mom a new fridge
  • have a shopping spree at the used book superstore
  • go crazy on ebay
  • buy this carbonator
nov 29 2009 ∞
dec 2 2009 +
user picture Sam: BUT YOU DID! nov 29 2009
user picture Astrid: not enough! nov 30 2009
user picture Katie: I always look at old jcrew on e-bay. I wonder if they'll take my discount... heehe
user picture Ivy: hahahahaha dec 1 2009
user picture Astrid: katie you silly girl.. keep dreamin'!