• enfp, july 26, bi
  • purely agnostic. confused.
  • conquering fears. i hate public speaking last time, but i'm somehow loving debating and public speaking right now.
  • i always wanted to make my life productive but i'm somehow disorganised and a messy person but i still do routines.
  • hi keep that in mind that im always inactive but i can assure you that i love spazzing and at the same time, doing a lot of stuffs in my free time
  • i'm not really used on talking to social media for my irl friends.. but no worries i will be willing to approach you as often as possible if you're from twitter/tlist hihi


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  • i just want to make some details so i made listography.. i have a lot of old posts that is buried in the private list above hahaah
  • my ongoing list contains my recent fav fics (soon!!!) and all time fav novels and learning resources hahaha and all of what is my fav that is worth sharing (?)
  • archive contains my public old posts.. haha you can take a glance of it if you want.
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hi so i made a list for this one hahahaah so if i'm somehow not active on tweeting right now, and yeah maybe i'm doing some of these things below. you might not appreciate the things that i do but this is somehow recommended if u want to learn new stuffs.

  • first, clean ur room once a week (wow can I even do this elle) and also, do maintain the cleanliness of it so that you're not obligated to do so.
  • study some new stuffs. I really recommend watching youtube videos, especially Crash course (if you're interested at science lessons),and khan academy. it may sound boring to do your own "homeschooling" after class but if you need to get resources wherein you can't understand your lesson from school, at least you can get the hang of it. or if you have a younger sibling.. then let them watch vids rather than ...
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