hi so i made a list for this one hahahaah so if i'm somehow not active on tweeting right now, and yeah maybe i'm doing some of these things below. you might not appreciate the things that i do but this is somehow recommended if u want to learn new stuffs.

  • first, clean ur room once a week (wow can I even do this elle) and also, do maintain the cleanliness of it so that you're not obligated to do so.
  • study some new stuffs. I really recommend watching youtube videos, especially Crash course (if you're interested at science lessons),and khan academy. it may sound boring to do your own "homeschooling" after class but if you need to get resources wherein you can't understand your lesson from school, at least you can get the hang of it. or if you have a younger sibling.. then let them watch vids rather than to teach them haahah if that's your thing.
  • join an org at your school. do extra-curricular activities. or if you can't, if you're into a devoted side, then go to a youth service at your church near you so that you can also improve your skills as you meet them.
  • exercise daily. 10-30 mins of exercise per day.. or if you can't, then at least maximize your walk inside school or at home at least hahahaa or enjoy your p.e sessions at school. you may not like the ache that will occur in your body, but at least, you reduced your stress and anxiety. and calories.
  • write some short stories. not daily. or write on a journal. write memories. write experiences or whatever that comes up into your mind.
  • socialize hmmm of course !
  • let's go out HAHA tbh when i go out at my house, i can call it already as a productive day.
  • make social networking sites aside from facebook of course. many accounts that you can always manage properly (which i cant always do omg) = productivity strikes lvl 100
  • draw something. especially if your an art student, always draw.. and yeah. if you have a passion for something in the future, try to make a routine for that dream so that you can acquire it as easier as possible.
  • always do your hobbies still ahahahhha but really when we want to make ourselves productive, we should do the important things ahead of time. we should not let the time control us.
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