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thank you for the compilations of that blog and the subbing team to provide eng subs for running man.i don't own anything with those rm recorded videos but it's just,i love running man.

  • lol every episodes of running man are sincerely memorable and also the cast, because they (rm members) are making their best just to give and to fulfill a wonderful memories and happiness throughout the fans and the people who watches running man.
  • without running man, maybe i'm not a k-pop fan today.
  • running man blog ♡
  • kshownow.net currently puts perseverance for english subs on running man but iSubs was the first one who subbed the earliest episodesㅡefficiently on running man)
  • I have started watching running man before I got attracted to kpop since summer (april-june)2011.
  • I recently knew the exact date on when did i watched running man ep 11 or the first ep. of rm that I have watched.There was a situation about a fantage game(childhood days) that i recorded way back that day on youtube and i kept hearing the "bells" and it caught my attention on rm((140609 i found the youtube video that i recorded omg!!))
  • Btw tears went out of me even this is a comedy i mean a happiness-variety-show-nametag-ripping-landmark-race when the episode when theres like "thor" "captain america" smth idk and the guest are 2pm and i cant watch the whole ep because of my sister bye :c
  • people saying "running man is the reason why only international fans love kpop" lol no you mean "korean dramas" or loving "gangnam style" but actually on ph,running man isn't really popular than on singapore/indonesia/malaysia which is on trend.
  • this show removes my depression and gives joy and hope.

exo as special guest episodes ;;;

best of the best episodes:

snsd as guest episodes:

  • ep 4 jessica
  • ep 5 jessica
  • ep 16 yuri
  • ep 39 yoona sunny
  • ep 63 hyoyeon jessica seohyun taeyeon yuri
  • ep 64 hyoyeon jessica seohyun taeyeon yuri
  • ep 112 taeyeon
  • ep 141 jessica

yoomes bond:

choi minsoo killer ep:

k-drama theme (based on a k-drama) ep:

biased episode omg:

early memorable ep (especially nametag + bells)

no guest episodes:

other recommedations from other sites lol:

mixed opinions lol:

  • don't walk,but run!"
  • " 런닝맨,만세 만세 만세"
  • fighting!!!!!
  • sparta kook
  • i don't know how to pick my ultimate bias on running man wtf im stucked at jaesuk's talkative personality then on jongkook's voice wtf then kwangsoo's dumbness yet cuteness but no idk because everyone is my ultimate bias

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