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= Group Order Manager

  • If I only get 1 order, the ems will be high for you to pay it alone so it's your choice whether to continue order or not.
  • If you want to continue, I can place your order under local GOM so the ems will be a lot cheaper.
  • I will not handle your goods when it arrives in Malaysia. Your goods will be send out from my supplier straight to your house.
  • If you want me to handle yours, you need to pay twice for local postage unless you want to mix postage with your other goods.


1) 1st payment / deposit

  • The price based from paypal rate (international bank)
may 1 2019 ∞
jan 31 2020 +
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6 ♥ still updating almost blue, sum goods and korean brand forms

6 ♥ we're trying to reach masters for update for all goods first before proceed on taking more orders

23 ♥ all emails and dms has been replied

23 ♥ Kindly take note that Malaysia is in RMO (Restriction Movements Order) right now. Thus, local shipping will be delayed until further notice


26 ♥ we're back taking order !

26 ♥ there's still no update from masters from orders in January

27 ♥ dropships will be open in july/august

may 14 2019 ∞
may 27 2020 +
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For any changes EMAIL



  • 17 deposit paid
  • March 9 : 2nd payment notified through email
  • March 23 : 2nd payment received
  • March 23 : Kindly take note that Malaysia is a lockdown country right now so local shipping will be delayed until further notice


  • 18 deposit paid
  • 22 2nd payment paid
  • 22 2nd payment has been notified through email
    • Master update : Production period may take around a month or 2 depending on the quantity of orders for this batch
may 1 2019 ∞
jun 9 2020 +