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= Group Order Manager

  • If I only get 1 order, the ems will be high for you to pay it alone so it's your choice whether to continue order or not.
  • If you want to continue, I can place your order under local GOM so the ems will be a lot cheaper.
  • I will not handle your goods when it arrives in Malaysia. Your goods will be send out from my supplier straight to your house.
  • If you want me to handle yours, you need to pay twice for local postage unless you want to mix postage with your other goods.


1) 1st payment / deposit

  • The price based from paypal rate (international bank)

2) 2nd payment

  • The price for shipping fee + paypal fee + local postage

3) 3rd payment

  • ONLY if the goods stuck at custom / tax

tax/custom might also include in 2nd payment. depends on how my suppliers / bbiyakstore deal with master & fansite

Waiting for 2nd payment

= The goods still in production

  • Please don't spam me during the production.
  • Production and shipping usually takes 1-3 months to finally arrives at my place or my supplier's place.
  • Please take a note that you're not the only one waiting for your goods. Be patient and nice.


  • When fansites cancel order.
  • You want to cancel order and it's before the deadline.
  • Fansites t&s in refunding money.


  • You want to cancel order and it's after the deadline.
  • Fansites / local gom run away or occurs any errors.
  • Late in making 2nd payment and your goods will be sold to other buyers through my ready stock account.


  • Once the tracking number were given, your goods is not in my charge anymore. Any troubles occurs such as post office delayed, missing parcel and damage will not be my responsibility.
  • Please track your goods from time to time, any errors please contact the Post Office near you instead of me.
  • If your parcel was return back to me because you late in picking it up, please pay local postage fee for me to send it back to you.
  • I will not be responsible for any errors occurs from gom, fansite, international shipping and local delivery.
  • It's your responsibility to pay it on time, if you didn't paid it on time your goods will be on my ready stock list and it's open for anyone to buy it.
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