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"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle." Brennan Manning, an American priest

Tea and Goat notes
hobbies (Folk Songs and Ballads 2019-2020)
  • And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do

'Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue -Galway Girl

  • "The greatest thing You'll ever learn Is just to love And be loved In return" -Nature Boy
  • Oh mother tell your children Not to do what I have done

Spend your lives in sin and misery In the House of the Rising Sun -House of the Rising Sun

  • Windmill, Windmill for the land.Turn forever hand in hand

Take it all there on your stride -Feel Good Inc. Gorrilaz

  • I think I should know how to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out now

L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce -Starstrukk 30h!3 ft. Katy Perry

  • Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about the girl who came to stay? She's the kind of girl you want so much

It makes you sorry -Girl Across the Universe soundtrack.

  • I'm wondering will I ever see another sunrise? So many won't get the chance to say goodbye, but its to late to think of the value of my life -Russian Roulette Rihanna
  • If struggle has a purpose on the narrow road you've carved

Why do I dread my trespasses will leave a deadly scar? -what if I stumble, DC Talk

  • Was I there when the rains were flooding you? Off of your feet Those were My tears falling down for you, falling down for you - After the World, Disciple
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