- The spider who is constantly at work mending her web. -

Luna remembers little of her childhood with her sister Lucie- little, gratefully, of her duties as a shield against her own parents. Some memories she has kept are so picturesque as to seem fabricated by her own mind, but there is one, out of place, that has haunted and twisted her sense of self beyond repair. Concerning her mother, Eleanora- a woman with a strong Catholic ethos that ultimately estranged her from her peculiar daughters whom she accused of being “devil-sighted” at the ages of three for reasons she refused to share with her increasingly apathetic husband. Eleanora’s fear of her own children eventually led to the girls being sent to live with their tyrannical maternal aunt Morna and older cousin Alick at the age of eight. Luna recalls even littler of those days, but she can’t escape the dreadful feeling she gets when she envisions her aunt’s lined face. In short, Luna’s childhood was fraught with adults who did not or would not understand, inexplicable happenings and coincidences, and cruelty at the hands of those she should have been able to trust. Only Lucie was there with her through it all, but despite wanting to protect one another, for each of them, it did happen that choices had to be made in order to survive another day. When the opportunity arose for escape, Lucie took her chance, leaving Luna alone as a young teenager with Morna and Alick. And, as a result, a helpless rift formed between the twins who had, in childhood, seemed so in tune with one another- had even made vows of bond with one another the night their parents left them to Morna (a significant occasion marked with locks of traded hair). A couple years later, escape came to Luna in the form of a boy and his motorbike, and since, she has never returned to that house or those people. Though, every now and then, her nightmares do. On her own, most of Luna’s efforts are in finding a home, finding roots (outside of Lachlan and Eleanora), finding somewhere that she belongs and is wanted. Without realising it, she’s been looking to reunite with Lucie since she disappeared five years ago. Fortuitous then that old Ma’am Blacknall slipped away in the night, leaving home and opportunity to reunite with Lucie at Luna’s feet. She feels an incredible pull to go and understand something. To see Lucie and demand...some kind of payment for breaking their vow to one another. An explanation won’t be enough. Until that moment, Luna will take up the shield once more, but this time for the grounds of Blacknall and the resting place of a family that could have—no, she believes—would have loved and raised her well.

Goals: Find or make a home for herself, confront Lucie about and understand her abandonment, and restore the Blacknall grounds to some dignity.

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