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ꕥ│lunar scorpio
ꕥ│writing creatively all the time
ꕥ│dancing a lot
ꕥ│editing videos way too much
ꕥ│fangirling 5ever

monday about me
graphics & manga (to catch up)
2021 (little loves)
2021 (books)
birdie favorites (2021)
  • in my 20's
  • astro stuff here
  • eldest sibling of two kids but only by 11 months
  • mom is Filipino from Philippines
  • dad is Russian/Polish-American from long island, NY
  • am a media production major
  • reside in New York
  • have only had one serious boyfriend ever
  • have orange amber eyes in the light, otherwise a red-brown
  • was always an A student throughout primary and secondary school
  • still basically an A student in college
  • love learning languages
  • love animals
  • love kids
  • fan of nature just without the bugs and bs
  • favorite animal is the wolf
feb 28 2018 ∞
apr 17 2019 +