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My name is Benedict and i believe that with the help of lists my life may start to untangle the mess that i have made and form a more organised life. Anyway i'm sitting here with some pink juice and jam on toast hoping this idea may just work.

Ruby Smith films (2015 - 84/80 films )
films (67 films 2 watch !!! clear the list !)
books (books i've read this year 2015)
films (2014 - aim 50 films - 67 WATCHED !!)
television (box sets i want to watch)
  • finish Alexander McQueen study in sketchbook
  • Research into gothic novels
  • Prepare graphs for cross section
  • Finish final plan for photography
  • Write some letters
  • Read To Kill a Mockingbird
sep 12 2010 ∞
sep 12 2010 +
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before i start this list i just want to say, for the sake of any reader..that Ruby is my pet Begula Whale, k cool ere we go!


  • Doesn't call me as much as i call her
  • Her surname is boring
  • Drinks too much coke
  • She won't accept my eternal love for Billy
  • She doesn't like the Drums
  • She doesn't like talking about the Drums
  • When she does talk about the Drums it's really insultive and rude and it makes me bada$$ angry
  • Goes to too many festivals/gigs
  • Wears socks
  • There's a reason this background is pink..Ruby's hair dye runs: scared it'll stain me......
  • Lives way too far away from me
sep 14 2010 ∞
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