• I'm seeing Of Montreal in a couple of weeks. I might pee my pants if they do a Prince cover. They seemed to do a lot of those while touring in 2007!
  • I'm seeing Bob Dylan play at University of Minnesota on election night! I still can't believe he'll be here at such a perfect time. Maybe this is proof that miracles do happen...
  • I renewed my emusic subscription lately. I'm still rather disappointed at what they lack, though. No Curtis Mayfield? Booerns. Bought the new Jeremy Messersmith and wasn't too impressed. Maybe it'll be a grower. Somehow the novelty of his songs about Minnesota just isn't enough to make me like it. Also! Got the Thurston Moore solo album that came out last year (Trees Outside the Academy). I know, I'm behind. It's an astounding album. Not that I don't enjoy the Sonic Youth sound, but I like the folksy touch and the added strings.
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