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  • Songs of Love and Hate, Leonard Cohen - 5/5. Thoroughly depressing, but the lyrics are stunning. Perfect for rainy days.
  • Easter, Patti Smith - 4/5. My first experience with Patti Smith. She's terrific, and now I finally know where "Because the Night" comes from.
  • Roxy Music, Roxy Music - 5/5. From Bryan Ferry's quivering voice to the bizarre songwriting on tracks like Ladytron, it's an all around wonderful album.
  • Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, Neko Case - 5/5. When Neko Case first came on the scene years ago, she was placed in the "alternative" genre by critics. However, she's definitely country. But this is not your "hell yes I ran over my boyfriend with a ford pickup" twangy country. I wouldn't even call myself a country fan, but this album is so different. Such a huge voice from such a small woman!
  • Vintage Violence, John Cale - 3/5 I'll admit I don't really own any solo Velvet work, but I thought I'd give this a go as Cale was recommended to me by I like his voice well enough and the songs are kinda catchy, but there's nothing on this album that grabs my attention enough to play over and over. I'm kind of thinking that it wasn't worth the ten dollars I spent on it.
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