• 1. Yatzee Dice:

I can hardly begin to describe, but this sparks so many memories of being a child, especially being a child who lives with and is often perplexed by grandparents until one realizes that they really are quite wise and understand more of you than you think. I mean, the answer is in the lyrics: - "you seem so content, buttering your saltine" - "and grandma you're smiling though you've heard no word I've said; I recognize that smile means your hearing aid's gone dead" On top of all of this, Diane puts in her own two cents on that mystery of mysteries: why DO men fall asleep after sex?

  • 2. Wild Deer at Dawn

A simple observation of a song, but somehow, this is the most soothing thing you could ever listen to when stressed out. "my heart beats so steady you could set a watch by my beat"

  • 3. My Teacher Died

"there are no superstars, there is no superman. there's only everyone. I learn from whom I can." rather shatters the image of teacher/instructor/professor as omniscient and always in the right, no?

  • 4. God Made It Rain

four-fingered neighbors, pawn shop umbrellas, keys dropped down sewers, humiliation. this woman knows how to weave a tale. not to mention, this is a piece played solely on the harmonium, and that of course translates rather nicely to the accordion. "why don't you quit that job that you've got? if you always run late you must hate it. you know, if i were a woman I'd get me knocked up so i could sit home and look out at the snow."

  • 5. Easy to Be Around

this is the song that sold me on Diane's music. It's all about not getting hung up on the material. She uses a lovely metaphor about picking up diamonds in the coal mine but ultimately leaving empty-handed, because "same as what you came with makes you easy to be around". "see me laughing, having nothing in the infinite night"

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