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  • find a job and figure out if what i'm doing is actually what i love (in case it isn't, keep on searching).
  • quit spending money away and save it to travel.
  • prioritize my health above all things and make a daily effort to be healthy for my own benefit.
  • find passion in exercising.
  • learn french in a proper school.
  • get my driver's license. (2022)
  • love my body and my soul for what they are. no judgements.
  • challenge myself to try new things, places, tastes and activities.
  • take good care of all the people that i love.
  • offer to be a volunteer for some place in need.
  • worry less about what everyone else thinks and not be afraid to do whatever i want.
  • find professional help to deal with my feelings, if that's what i need.
  • be honest.
  • have fun and enjoy life.
  • learn to communicate with the people that really love me.
  • live in MontrĂ©al.
  • find peace of mind.
  • make meditation a part of my every day life.
  • be proficiently fluent in french.
  • travel with my mom to a foreign place.
  • be a kind-hearted, successful, inteligent, healthy and strong woman.
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