• go back to french class.
    • college & work time conflit :(
  • enroll in a new academic course.
  • sign up for Cambridge's CPE exam.


  • finish my pre-op tests before february.
    • still have an endoscopy to do.
  • attend as much pre-op meetings as possible.
  • get a full-year membership at the gym near my job.
  • keep on working on my mental health (therapy/acupuncture/meditation/etc).


  • remodel my bedroom (and other rooms in the best possible way). (2020)
  • buy a new tv for the living room.
  • go after the necessary upgrades for the apt. (2020)


  • read 27 books
  • watch more movies than i regularly do.
  • write. write. write.


  • attend at least two must-see concerts.
  • buy a guitar.
  • sing more (in the shower and/or karaokes). (2020)


  • be bold. be honest. take the leap.
jan 3 2017 ∞
sep 29 2020 +