add new contact 8k ⇢ pg ⇢ college au

  • all daichi's electronics are endangered the moment he realizes he can't get that sweet, patient, ridiculously attractive IT tech off his mind.

as well as you know me 8k ⇢ r ⇢ hogwarts au

  • there's nothing like a gryffindor v. slytherin match to get the blood pumping. well, that is, except angry post-game sex, but suga's a prefect, he would never instigate something like that, right?

butterfly in the subway 62k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ you've got mail au

  • sugawara koushi has no idea he's already in love with the man he's supposed to hate.

i don't know you 6k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ coffee shop au

  • sawamura daichi, long-suffering college student, develops a crush on a barista whose nametag proclaims his name to be suga, and oh god, he is so, so, so fucked.

nest together 4k ⇢ pg ⇢ hogwarts au

  • daichi is pursued by a slytherin.

oh, here we go 6k ⇢ pg ⇢ neighbors au

  • when daichi moved into his new flat, he wasn't prepared to meet a wonderful new neighbor with a smile like an angel's and a personality so sweet it could give one cavities, but heck, he wasn't complaining.

the blossoms, just in time 351k ⇢ nc17 ⇢ nanny au

  • “yes, um, hi. i’m calling about your ad for a nanny. my name is sugawara koushi…”

the stars in summer 34k ⇢ r ⇢ summer love au

  • the summer before his senior year of high school, suga is grounded, stuck in a small town he doesn’t know, with no friends, no plans for the break, and no end in sight. then, as luck would have it, he meets daichi. suddenly, it’s a big town, and an even bigger world, with the open sky up above—and someone for suga to reach out and touch it with, before the long train ride back home.

you'd fit in my lonely arms so perfectly 25k ⇢ pg ⇢ wrong number au

  • suga accidentally calls a stranger instead of his best friend, tells him all about his burned batch of cookies before realising, and that particular mistake might turn out the best one he ever made.
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