• all of my life ⇢ park won
  • always be loving you ⇢ my brothers and i
  • beautiful ⇢ crush
  • best of me ⇢ john.k
  • birds ⇢ imagine dragons
  • bite ⇢ troye sivan
  • dancing in the rain ⇢ rad museum
  • dear moon ⇢ jehwi
  • dear no one ⇢ tori kelly
  • different place ⇢ melomance
  • drive ⇢ eden, babylon, woodz
  • easily ⇢ bruno major
  • end of time ⇢ johnny stimson
  • harbor in a hurricane ⇢ andy kong
  • if our love is wrong ⇢ calum scott
  • if they only knew ⇢ alfie arcuri
  • last dance ⇢ dua lipa
  • lemon ⇢ kenshi yonezu
  • like only you can ⇢ secret nation
  • like that ⇢ alextbh
  • little by little ⇢ car, the garden
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acca: 13ku kansatsuka 12 ep ⇢ pg13

  • the kingdom of dowa, which is subdivided into 13 states, is celebrating its monarch's 99th birthday. these 13 states have many agencies that are controlled by the giant organization known as acca. Within acca, jean otis is the second-in-command of the inspection agency.

ao no exorcist 2 seasons ⇢ pg

  • humans and demons are two sides of the same coin, as are assiah and gehenna, their respective worlds. the only way to travel between the realms is by the means of possession, like in ghost stories. however, satan, the ruler of gehenna, cannot find a suitable host to possess and therefore, remains imprisoned in his world. in a desperate attempt to conquer assiah, he sends his son instead, intending for him to eventually grow into a vessel capable o...
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  • 19 days ongoing ⇢ pg13 ⇢ bl
  • a guy like you ongoing ⇢ nc17 ⇢ bl
  • an uncomfortable truth ongoing ⇢ nc17 ⇢ thriller
  • at the end of the road 57 chapters ⇢ nc17 ⇢ bl
  • bj alex ongoing ⇢ r ⇢ bl
  • ♡ can't confess 1 50 chapters ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
  • can't confess 2 ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
  • can't take my eyes off you ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
  • ♡ cheese in the trap ongoing ⇢ pg13 ⇢ romance
  • cherry blossoms after winter 30 chapters ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
  • consumua and sudutist ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ romance
  • dasadanan ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
  • ♡ blood bank 61 chapters ⇢ r ⇢ bl
  • dallae ongoing ⇢ pg13 ⇢ gl
  • doridosim ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ college life, romance
  • ♡ fools 73 chapters ⇢ pg13 ⇢ bl
  • from points of three ongoing ⇢ r ⇢ bl
  • hate mate ongoing ⇢ pg13 ⇢ bl
  • h&h roman company ongoing ⇢ nc17 ⇢ bl
  • i am beautiful ongoing ⇢ pg ⇢ bl
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abies nordmanniana 5k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ canon

  • oikawa steals his hoodies every year just before winter starts, and this year it's too hard for iwaizumi to pretend he doesn't like it.

all i wanted was you 6k ⇢ r ⇢ college au

  • wherein hajime and tooru are fuck buddies, hajime curses his treacherous heart, and tooru is bad with feelings.

all of these stars will guide us home 4k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ college au

  • various moments of iwaizumi and oikawa's relationship throughout their college years.

all these holes found in my armor 10k ⇢ nc17 ⇢ friends to lovers au

  • "i am so, so fucked," iwaizumi thought as he twisted the blanket in his hands, trying to hear oikawa breathing from his place on the sofa. "this is probably what lo...
jan 10 2018 ∞
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amatores 79k ⇢ r ⇢ ancient rome au

  • it was a typical visit to the bath house, or so naruto thought. he was simply seeking to be washed, messaged and relieved. he never expected this visit to affect him so deeply. certainly, he never could have fathomed how this one day, this single interaction, would change his life.

bound to you 273k ⇢ r ⇢ crime boss au

  • naruto and his best friend gaara are trying to survive the dangerous streets of new york while the wealthy elite that surround them ride the wave of the big economy boom. while everyone vies for a piece of the pie, the uchiha clan, who has set up their crime syndicate in brooklyn, battle it out with other japanese clans for control of the borough.

breaking him down 87k ⇢ r ⇢ canon

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  • balloon ⇢ adoy
  • black pearl ⇢ sunmi
  • cheapest flight ⇢ prep
  • cherry ⇢ rina sawayama
  • goodbye, fall ⇢ rocoberry
  • heavenly ⇢ alex lustig
  • insecurities ⇢ jess glynne
  • love ya! ⇢ hyukoh
  • lovely ⇢ billie eilish, khalid
  • photograph ⇢ offonoff
  • sprinkle ⇢ johnny stimson
  • to my youth ⇢ bolbbalgan4
  • today ⇢ shin youngjae
  • useless ⇢ joonil jung
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a gentleman's dignity 20 ep ⇢ pg13

  • a romantic melodrama about four men in their forties who have experienced life's ups and downs, successes and failures, and are unfazed by whatever the world throws at them as they go through the second prime of their life.

big 16 ep ⇢ pg13

  • life gets a little complicated when the spirit of an 18-year-old high school boy gets transplanted into the 30-year-old body of his teacher’s fiancé.

boys over flowers 25 ep ⇢ pg13

  • this korean take on the popular japanese manga of the same name tackles complex issues involving outcasts, socio-economic disparity, family, love and friendship.

cheese in the trap 16 ep ⇢ pg13

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sep 23 2018 +

bang! now we're even 11k ⇢ nc17 ⇢ secret agents au

  • akaashi only has two rules when it comes to his profession. one, complete the job as swiftly and cleanly as possible. two, never trust anyone who smells like blood.

better than spy films 3k ⇢ pg ⇢ strangers to lovers au

  • akaashi knocks bokuto out and bokuto falls in love. kuroo laughs about it.

heavy heart, a love apart 7k ⇢ r ⇢ makeup breakup au

  • (802): our sex has gotten so much better since we broke up.

hidden in plain sight 3k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ friends to lovers au

  • bokuto finds something surprising in akaashi’s planner.

stop me if you've heard this one before 3k ⇢ r ⇢ modern au

  • @rufousk - whom koutarou followed on twit...
jan 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

all right, evans? 177k ⇢ nc17 ⇢ canon

  • the thing about being lily evans and james potter was that you couldn't do anything without everybody else saying something about it.

boyfriend 136k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ canon

  • potter was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. i couldn't let him do that. for the love of merlin, i could not let him do that. i had to stop him. he couldn't tell her the truth. so i did the only conceivable thing i could think of. i kissed him.

love and other tragedies 229k ⇢ r ⇢ canon

  • lily's life is turned upside down by a late night outburst from her boyfriend's best friend, sending her down a path of self discovery that will change all her careful ideals of the way things are.
jan 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

all the small things 12k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ single dad au

  • sugawara koushi. oikawa’s brain supplies the name of the person standing at the other end of the aisle before oikawa can even register him, attuned to spitting out facts about other volleyball players on a second’s notice, even after all these years. karasuno high vice-captain. 174 cm...no, more like 176 now. skilled at raising morale and bringing an element of surprise to their strategy. troublesome. refreshing. setter. the enemy.

help me when i'm down 3k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ future au

  • sometimes koushi screws up as well.

how (not) to share a bathroom 9k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ roommates au

  • a love story in two parts, told in passive-aggressive post-it notes and cluttered bathroom shelves, late nights and early mornings, locked doors and near misses.
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  • bawling ⇢ primary, ohhyuk
  • bye bye baby ⇢ noname
  • childish ⇢ lambc
  • don't watch me cry ⇢ jorja smith
  • every kind of way ⇢ h.e.r.
  • moonrise kingdom ⇢ angel haze
  • noir ⇢ sunmi
  • no name ⇢ noname, yaw, adam ness
  • retrograde ⇢ james blake
  • the strangers ⇢ st. vincent
  • ur ⇢ sza
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naruto fic rec

bnha fic rec

haikyuu fic rec

harry potter fic rec

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again 15k ⇢ nc17 ⇢ reincarnation au

  • both your deaths in this universe have failed.

as forking pasts converge into a single ... 5k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ makeup breakup au

  • kageyama gets a text that sends him trekking across a couple of prefectures to make sure a certain stupid ex wasn't getting attacked by rabid dogs or abducted by aliens.

as rigid as water, as yielding as earth 18k ⇢ pg ⇢ avatar au

  • hinata shouyou, a struggling earthbender, is just trying to survive and earn enough to feed his family. halfway across the globe genius waterbender kageyama tobio works to become a full-fledged warrior.

but for me, there is a storm 276k ⇢ r ⇢ pacific rim au

  • the kaiju are learning, evolving, and coming in faster than anyone is comfortable ...
jan 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

add new contact 8k ⇢ pg ⇢ college au

  • all daichi's electronics are endangered the moment he realizes he can't get that sweet, patient, ridiculously attractive IT tech off his mind.

as well as you know me 8k ⇢ r ⇢ hogwarts au

  • there's nothing like a gryffindor v. slytherin match to get the blood pumping. well, that is, except angry post-game sex, but suga's a prefect, he would never instigate something like that, right?

butterfly in the subway 62k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ you've got mail au

  • sugawara koushi has no idea he's already in love with the man he's supposed to hate.

i don't know you 6k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ coffee shop au

  • sawamura daichi, long-suffering college student, develops a crush on a barista who...
jan 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2018 +

empty kisses 5k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ soulmates au

  • it was so so so frustrating.

daisies bunches and heather branches 5k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ flower shop/tattoo parlor au

  • izuku falls in love with the foul-mouthed tattoo artist next door.

maybe, just maybe 11k ⇢ pg ⇢ friends to lovers au

  • bakugou might have a crush on deku. emphasis on "might".

may i take your order, dipshit? 6k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ pizza delivery au

  • so, like, maybe bakugou wasn’t really the best choice for this whole pizza delivery shindig.

once again from better days 30k ⇢ pg13 ⇢ time travel au

  • katsuki wakes to find himself reset. it's a time when quirks are just starting, and he only remembers a bit about happened ...
jan 11 2018 ∞
jan 12 2018 +