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spider, spider
on the wall
don't you have no brains at all?
can't you see that wall is
come down here you little


birthday girl follows:
  • 10:36 am
  • Monday rebirth and the taking of lives.
  • Florence + The Machine's Howl is perfect.
  • I'm fucking starving.
  • I'm not eating again.
  • Christmas lists are fun/scary.
  • I wonder what that was yesterday.
  • I'm scared to finish the Gargoyle
  • Ghosts.
  • Splinter
  • I'm still all bruised up.
  • I'm freezing.
  • I'm getting another cold.
  • Green Tea is like my new god.
  • I need more books so i have more friends.
  • I love the smell of coffee
  • In the battle of good vs evil i don't take sides.
  • i'm still trying to get addicted to anything.
  • I'm heartbroken, but i know i'm not pretty enough so i remind myself that and it kind of makes me feel better.
  • I had a dream about Alex last night.
  • And he hated me, but still wanted me and all i could think was "this is my life story."
  • I want to put the weight into anyone's little heart
  • Goodnight.
oct 12 2009 ∞
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