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spider, spider
on the wall
don't you have no brains at all?
can't you see that wall is
come down here you little


birthday girl follows:
  • not being able to sleep after i've taken sleeping pills
  • not being able to tell my family anything & then i get stressed out.
  • when my boyfriend asks me questions that he knows i don't know.
  • root beer floats
  • most of my minnesota "friends"
  • broken hearts
  • april and now December.
  • my dead end, brain dead job.
  • people who are worried about being "pc"
  • saunas
  • ice cream truck music
  • nothing surprises me anymore.
  • sports bars
  • cargo shorts and the boys that wear them
  • baseball. it's boring.
  • b12 vitamins
  • not having the guts
  • disappointment
  • when people abandon me
  • nyc public transportation
  • Staten Island
  • wet money
  • not being able to fix my ugliness
oct 9 2009 ∞
oct 9 2009 +