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a simple primer to introduce you to btob.

ㅂㅌㅂ follows:
  • btob (bi • tu • bi) is a seven-membered boy group that debuted on march 21st, 2012 under cube entertainment.
  • their name stands for "born to beat", referring to both the creation of music and the ability to surpass others.
  • from oldest to youngest, the group consists of eunkwang, minhyuk, changsub, hyunsik, peniel, ilhoon and sungjae.
  • their fanclub is named melody (because "the only thing that goes well with the musical beat is melody" – ilhoon) and their official colour is slow blue.
  • even if you don't know much about them yet, chances are you're already aware that they're all fucking wild (read: have no image left to protect whatsoever).
  • "how did cube manage to find seven of the weirdest guys in korea and put them in one group?" basically.
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