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a simple primer to introduce you to btob.

ㅂㅌㅂ follows:
  • btob (bi • tu • bi) is a seven-membered boy group that debuted on march 21st, 2012 under cube entertainment.
  • their name stands for "born to beat", referring to both the creation of music and the ability to surpass others.
  • from oldest to youngest, the group consists of eunkwang, minhyuk, changsub, hyunsik, peniel, ilhoon and sungjae.
  • their fanclub is named melody (because "the only thing that goes well with the musical beat is melody" – ilhoon) and their official colour is slow blue.
  • even if you don't know much about them yet, chances are you're already aware that they're all fucking wild (read: have no image left to protect whatsoever).
  • "how did cube manage to find seven of the weirdest guys in korea and put them in one group?" basically.
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  • name | im hyunsik (임현식)
  • birthdate | march 7th, 1992
  • position | vocalist, composer, producer, eye smile prince
  • sns | twitter, instagram, weibo
    • his voice is to die for.
    • but everyone likes to imitate his singing.
    • he's an angel sent straight from heaven.
    • his dad is the folk singer, im jihoon.
    • he studied in shanghai for two years and can speak mandarin (bonus: singing)! here he is speaking english too.
    • a common misconception is that hyunsik is btob's 'most ordinary' member but he's just lowkey weird (HE IS REALLY FUNNY).
    • he once spent the majority of an mtv diary episode hiding just so he could scare someone.
    • most of the time, his victim is eunkwang.
    • the bb cream incident: he just wanted to cover his dark circles and ended up turning into a ghost.
    • music is his life (it truly seems that hi...drunk on it.
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  • name | peniel shin donggeun (신동근)
  • birthdate | march 10th, 1993
  • position | rapper, vocalist, probably btob's entire pr team
  • sns | twitter, instagram
    • peniel is from chicago and is still learning korean as his second language.
    • he has a lot of friends, particularly other american idols, english-speaking idols in general, jyp idols and former jyp trainees (as one himself).
    • f(x)'s amber calls him penoodle.
    • and the members like to call him 프니 (peuni).
    • he often does strange english intros and narrations in songs but sometimes he sings.
    • he uploads memes on instagram...
    • he once asked the other members if they knew what else was big if someone's hands are big on a family friendly show.
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  • name | jung ilhoon (정일훈)
  • birthdate | october 4th, 1994
  • position | main rapper, composer, producer, resident brat
  • sns | twitter, instagram
    • ilhoon is well-respected as a rapper and lyricist despite the prejudice against idols.
    • his older sister is the singer, joo.
    • btob call him an angel (천사) because his birthday is 1004 which has the same pronunciation.
    • and michael (which he uses on instagram) is his catholic name.
    • he's known as (but not nearly credited often enough as) the creator of '귀유미 player' although he said a trainee actually taught him it.
    • don't mention it to him. seriously.
    • for almost three years now he's been a recurring guest host on weekly idol where he can be regularly seen making a fool out of himself.
    • he hates skinship but hyunsik is generally an exception and he enjoys touching minhyuk's ass.
    • ^o^
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