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a simple primer to introduce you to btob.

ㅂㅌㅂ follows:
  • name | peniel shin donggeun (신동근)
  • birthdate | march 10th, 1993
  • position | rapper, vocalist, probably btob's entire pr team
  • sns | twitter, instagram
    • peniel is from chicago and is still learning korean as his second language.
    • he has a lot of friends, particularly other american idols, english-speaking idols in general, jyp idols and former jyp trainees (as one himself).
    • f(x)'s amber calls him penoodle.
    • and the members like to call him 프니 (peuni).
    • he often does strange english intros and narrations in songs but sometimes he sings.
    • he uploads memes on instagram...
    • he once asked the other members if they knew what else was big if someone's hands are big on a family friendly show.
    • his alter-ego when crossdressing is penelope shin, an american football-playing student who's addicted to xylitol gum.
    • unlike ilhoon, he loves skinship.
    • he knows his girl group dances.
    • he gives impromptu english lessons.
    • according to him, he's "not weird" (yeah, okay).
    • he once had a vlog series.
    • occasionally, out of nowhere, he can be very blunt.
    • he and sungjae invented 'penjae' themselves.
    • and sometimes he has sleepovers at sungjae's house.
    • he can turn his hands into an instrument and he's really good at making sound effects.
    • and sometimes not so good.
    • BOOTY!!!!!
    • he's the best winker in btob.
    • his bag is just full of snacks and candy (priorities).
    • he has some advice on, um, having healthy bowel movements.
    • he resembles a corgi.
    • i literally cannot believe this.
    • he ended up having to hitchhike on his own once.
    • he's possibly btob's face mask enthusiast?
    • please stop trying to hack his instagram.
    • #formalwear
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