• Fond of you (Compete, fourshot | PG-13, slight-tutor!au, drabble, romance, angst?)
    • Sehun thought that Joonmyun would be the last person to hurt him. He thought wrong
  • All pressed up in black and white (Compete, fourshot | PG-13, drabble, romance)
    • A New Year's Eve Party is being thrown for the exorbitantly and obnoxiously rich. Joonmyun is invited
  • No pads, No helmets, Just balls and Brooms G hp!au
    • Hufflepuff has never won the House cup in all the years Joonmyun's been there and he really wants to change that for his final year. Slytherin has a new seeker from Durmstrang that doesn't like Joonmyun's plan very much
  • Two on top of the whole NC-17
    • Summary: The adventures of Oh Sehun and his sugar daddy Kim Junmyeon, some sexy, others mostly endearing
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