• ☆ A Little More NC-17
    • Summary: In which the members of EXO enjoy having sex just a little more than average
  • Untitled NC-17 (Jongin centric)
    • Summary: The EXO members like to play a little game with Jongin involving a blindfold
  • ☆♡ Alpha, Delta, Fuck (Baekhyun and Kyungsoo centric)
    • Summary: Baekhyun takes a twisted pride in being the exo house's resident frat bitch. Baekhyun decided to show the new pledge his worth by putting out all he got during the frat's next gathering
  • 你值得真正的快樂, For Everyone PG-13
    • Summary: Six months before the 2010 Winter Olympics, Lu Han is sent to Vancouver on a forced vacation and learns that he’s not quite as put together as he’d like everyone to think
  • ☆ All I wanna see you in is just skin NC-17 (Jongin centric)
    • Summary: Everyone bangs Kai. At one point or other. No really
  • Exo-kids G
    • Summary: EXO as kids
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