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welcome to my humble abode! ☀
just me doing myself a favor so i dont lose track of things i've done esp fanfics. thats basically what i live for. some, or maybe not, will be just hints.

v i e d follows:
eℓℓie baekyeol fics (twt fics sns au)
baekyeol fics (tagalog ao3)
614aus Guide/Notes
College/Uni AU
  • 10080 (currently in private mode but the author is rewriting the fic)
    • chanyeol asks for divorce, baekhyun asks for a week asdfghjkl
    • chanyeol being an asshole for cheating on baek
    • sick baekhyun is dying ;-;
    • kyungsoo is an absolute hoe (no jk)
    • i still love you written in binary code
  • On the Booze With Brahms
    • neighbor chanbaek
    • fluttered chanbaek at its peak
    • violinist baekhyun vs drummer chanyeol
    • nothing more than baekhyun having fun teasing fluttered chanyeol
  • Open When
    • 10 out of infinite letters proving how much C loves B
    • fluffy fluff
    • some kind of collected events when baek opening letters form chanyeol
    • found myself ball my eyes out for this to be a perfect heartwarming fic
  • Baby's Breath
    • a fucking legendary fic periodt
    • chanyeol is mentally retarded
    • chanbaek being kind of "brothers"
    • nvm the fucking plot twist in the end because i died before i get to the end of the story ;-;
  • So Sick of Love Song
    • nvm baekhyun tried so hard to make chanyeol date one of his friend. a complete fool.
    • chanyeol may or may not be a mad scientist just because he still cant get over luhan
    • baekhyun always have a perfect song as his soundtrack in every moment in his life
    • chanyeol is allergic to animal esp dogs but but nvm baekhyun put some effort for chanyeol to experience the thrill of having a pup sobs sobs
  • I'm Ready for the Fall ready for the colors to burn to gold and crumble away
    • cHOKES i dont think im gonna be able to find any vampire au as good as this
    • the sexual tension between chanbaek is so ⍥
    • hunter!chanyeol and vampire!baekhyun at iTS FUCKING FINEST YALL THIS IS SO FREAKIN GOOD
    • the entire SM is here brace yourself to find yet another extreme plot twist
    • bloods, garlic, kisses, so much pining and /whisper/ baekhyun's such a coward
  • Behind Blue Eyes
    • blind baekhyun cant see anything but chanyeol
    • blind baekhyun is such an asshole but chanyeol is there, always, to catch him fall
    • poor blind baekhyun but i have to give all credits to chanyeol
    • too sorrow, tragic
    • mom pick me up am scared.
  • Come In, Stay a While
    • workaholic!baek and single parent!cy anAKNYA SI SHEUN ASDFGHJKL
    • forced vacation because baekhyun does deserve it
    • neighbor chanbaek
  • When I Look at You
    • author!chanyeol ToT
    • gamon!cy alert wIYU WIYU
    • She is a star and she belongs up there, in all her magnificence; in all her shining glory. And it’s okay not to spend my life chasing after her. Because I realized that not all the brightest of lights can be found in the heavens. Sometimes, it’s just on Earth, sitting next to you.
    • ma lumiere means my light
  • So Why Don't You Blow Me... a Kiss Before You Go
    • foking flatmate chanbaek aT IT FOKING FINEST!!!
    • friend to lovers who live in the same apartment
    • practice blowjob
    • gym instructure!chanyeol featuring baekhyun with glasses is a WHOLESOME
  • Do You Want Me ((crawling back to you)) - a sequel of SWDYBM
    • sexual tension between chanbaek iS SO FRUSTRATING AF
    • the sex was extremely good oH GAWD
    • their characters are on so point
  • Call It Magic, When I'm With You
    • HARRY POTTER AU FOR LIFE! plus enemies to lovers with both chanbaek are quidditch captain ggggggaaahhHHHHH
    • slow fucking burn but im a sucker for that T^T
    • fearful baekhyun but so soft when he meets beagle puppy aka chanyeol in his animagus form pffft
    • this fic is a pure bliss, beautifully written with those stars constellation im a pure sucker for astronomy geek baekhyun sobs sobs
    • a good OT9 fic besides perfectly imbalanced hohoho
  • Perfectly Imbalanced
    • one of the most famous cb fic pada masanya. legendary.
    • cross dressing baekhyun sounds so freaking sexy and badass
    • ceo chanyeol who is nothing but lover boy who is head over heels for baekhyun is so cute but also dumb
    • i surely hate baekhyun in denial, its just frustating af
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