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More info in my Do Not Interact(DNI) list, as seen in my profile above.

  • Do unto your neighbor: don't be a troll, mock, or be an asshole. Make better use of your time, and don't antagonize.
  • If you have an issue with me, keep communication civilized & respectful.
  • Don't assume I can mind-read, and don't be passive aggressive, period.
  • ASK to DM. Exception being if we're friends, or have spoken prior.
  • I don't answer DMs from people who have not asked first.
  • Don't assume 'women don't exist on the internet' nor assume everyone you talk to is a 20 y/o White male.
  • Keep over-sensitivity to a minimum, regarding my words & actions. Clarify with me first, before acting.
  • I'm not the most emotionally demonstrative person, so don't expect it.
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  • Birthday: Early September.
  • Astrology Fact: Virgo Stellium.
  • Time Zone: GMT-5 (EST)
  • Religious affiliation: None. I'm Agnostic-Atheist.
  • DnD Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Enneagram: 8w7, 368, IV: So/Sx.
  • Big 5 SLOAN: RCOEI.
  • Hogwarts: Gryffindor/Slytherin.
  • Main Language: ENG Native speaker.
  • Note: I use some social media, but they're private. I only allow follows/adds from people I've interacted with, and know already.
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Simple way to Shorten links:

Useful for copy/pasting symbols online:

My General Do Not Interact List:

My MBTI/Typology Do Not Interact List:

My Carrd Profile, which is an About Me site:

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  • Hetero-cis woman. She/Her.
  • I don't enjoy nicknames, so don't give me any.
  • Make it clear if you're joking or not.
  • Please DON'T excess ping me / reply-ping. It drives me insane.
  • I won't tolerate any passive aggressiveness.
  • I'm not into any fandom pairings, not even canon. Don't ask me about them, especially NOT of FMA.
  • Do not boldly assume or judge me as if you know me better than myself.
  • I'm a lady. Stop being lazy, and look past the profile pic.
  • As a mod or admin, if I ask you not to do something, it's not due to some personal beef, drama, or rigidity. I'm literally adhering to the server's structure and rules.
  • I don't answer random DMs if we've barely...
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General Hobbies:

  • Gaming, but casually. I am not an avid gamer that does this everyday.
  • Watching interesting content on YouTube; right now, a lot of horror based content and psychological stuff.
  • Digital Art, and traditional. I've done some recent digital pieces lately, let's see how long this streak lasts for.
  • Doing my own thing: Whatever I feel like doing.
  • Will add more later/subject to change.

Games Preferred:

  • Stardew Valley
  • RPG Maker Horror: Angels of Death, Pocket Mirror, Blank Dream, The Witch's House
  • Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC)
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
  • Rougelite of choice: Scourgebringer
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How I use Discord Availability Symbols:

  • Online — Means I don't mind if I get DMs, and I am willing to talk in servers & DMs. Not selective about notifications at all.
  • Idle — Means I am slightly available, and/or brb-afk. I will be taking my time to reply and my responses are more delayed; Selective about notifications I receive.
  • Do Not Disturb(DND) — Not as available and/or mostly unavailable. Also, busy, which means I may not get to messages, and the replies are heavily delayed. Also means I may be at work. Heavily selective who I reply to, and notifications received.
  • Invisible — Completely unavailable and/or literally offline. Not engaging in public servers, avoiding specific contact with an individual or individuals, and/or d...
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This will help you and myself know if we'll get along:

  • I HATE the color green, and dislike the color yellow (some shades are an exception, however).
  • I have a strong dislike of disorganization, weak-willed actions & statements, lack of confidence, and poor planning, as well as poor server management.
  • I cannot stand country music, pop music, today's hip-hop & rap.
  • I strongly dislike small talk that doesn't lead anywhere, and small talk in general.
  • Another thing: Overly asking personal and/or invasive questions. That shit bothers me, don't do that please.
  • PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS. I am NOT THAT type of person you can do that to. I prefer ...
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