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How I use Discord Availability Symbols:

  • Online — Means I don't mind if I get DMs, and I am willing to talk in servers & DMs. Not selective about notifications at all.
  • Idle — Means I am slightly available, and/or brb-afk. I will be taking my time to reply and my responses are more delayed; Selective about notifications I receive.
  • Do Not Disturb(DND) — Not as available and/or mostly unavailable. Also, busy, which means I may not get to messages, and the replies are heavily delayed. Also means I may be at work. Heavily selective who I reply to, and notifications received.
  • Invisible — Completely unavailable and/or literally offline. Not engaging in public servers, avoiding specific contact with an individual or individuals, and/or don't feel like talking in general. Will not reply unless I strongly need to, and overall won't tolerate notifications.

Discord Statuses

  • Statuses mostly show what I'm currently doing.
  • Some statuses are the only way I can express myself, without judgment. Unless I specify, some DMs are welcome, some aren't. I don't really need pity when it comes to this.
  • Some statuses are quotes, but this is rare, unless specified.
  • Occasionally, statuses are a general question, asked by myself or in general.
  • Lastly, some statuses are meant to promote something fun, like Tellonym, or are another way for me to announce things occurring, such as holidays, or events in my own server.
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