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"ayo suga,
do you remember when we came here three years ago?
when you and i were always at each others' necks,
the walls, bathroom tiles, and veranda were all colored blue."

dee follows:
  • do you ever think about

the moment at which you first fell in love how different i have become how i have changed from the person i was that many years ago how my feelings are still the same and yet i am nowhere near capable of expressing them in the same way because my words feel so weightless, so empty and for granted because when they form at my fingertips they always come out differently than how i imagined or wanted for you or myself

because you still encompass the world, my world, my time and space a nd the sea and stars that lie beyond anything i'll ever know or come to understand, because i am incapable of feeling this way for anyone else, and yet

there is nothing.

i want to remember how to feel once more.

nov 12 2018 ∞
nov 12 2018 +