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"ayo suga,
do you remember when we came here three years ago?
when you and i were always at each others' necks,
the walls, bathroom tiles, and veranda were all colored blue."

dee follows:
  • ongwoon | way back home

canonverse future-fic. ong and sungwoon watch their lives unfold from miles and minutes away from each other, waiting for their lifelines to converge once again. (except that moment is never too far away, because in their hearts, they've always been together.)

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  • monsta x showho drabble, dramarama au

"I have to go,"

It was almost 5pm, and the last hours of sunlight filtered in and upon the wooden panels of the empty training hall, dust dancing in and out of the rays that landed upon their backs. the only thing that hoseok could hear was their heaving, tight breaths that went in and out as he watched the sweat drip from hyunwoo's forehead onto the pale wood behind him, and the heartbeat heavy in his chest, as though he'd been running in circles for miles on end. his legs were trapped; one caught under the weight of what seemed to be hyunwoo's entire body, while the other was pulled tightly over his left shoulder. on impulse-- as he was trained to do-- hoseok placed a cautionary hand on hyunwoo's thigh, pressing slightly against him to quietly discourage going any further or coming ...

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  • junew (renai prism au) | i'll colour you mine

and you'd think he'd be upset, or jealous, because juyeon has everything chanhee doesn't. he's handsome, class president, captain of the basketball team, and ranks in the top five of the grade every exam season /all at once/. but chanhee sees in colours, and juyeon's green-- a lush, translucent emerald, deep enough to dive into-- is the most beautiful thing hes ever seen.

nothing could make him turn away.


plot: when he's five years old and on a stroll with his mother, chanhee tells one of the neighbours that she's submerged in a 'murky, brown' aura and asks her if there's something wrong with the conversation they're having. by the look on her face when it fell (and chanhee may have been...

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  • nomin(canon-derivative future fic) | "picture this"

picture this; na jaemin, five years later and in his final year of college, having left his childhood dreams behind after what has felt like a decade, even though it’s only been half. his departure was quiet, almost unnoticed, with no mention of his name or face from the boys he once called his best friends, his brothers. not that he blames them, though. he knows them well enough to understand if they weren’t given an option. there’s just… no way he’d ever admit it. he’s sitting at his part-time job, a gs25 cashier shift five stations and a line transfer away from his university (he couldn’t bear the thought of running into classmates in his uniform), the black-and-green collar of his shirt slightly uncomfortable against the back of his neck. his chin is ...

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  • (shuake, canon divergent) | the private life of a private detective

Three months after Shido's confession and Akira's release, Goro Akechi attempts to rewrite himself in the Czech Republic.


when he comes to, there's rain dripping down one side of his face, mixing with the blood and spit dribbling down his chin and staining the perfect white of his uniform-- soaked, ripped in most places, nothing like the pristine detective prince he had worked so hard to become. it smells moldy, like old trash, almost stomach-curling, but goro's become a part of the mess, his back slouched sloppily against the brick wall of the dark alley he's been left in, hands cold and gloveless in the rain.

his mind is still elsewhere, his ears numbed by the blare of distant sirens and wh...

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  • deuces up, weapons down; daebaek | daehyun (bap) baekhyun (exo) spy au

Baekhyun is a successful spy for EXO, once a minor investigation agency gone big (and undercover), while Daehyun is a part of B.A.P., which was supposed to be like EXO, but slipped along the way, so now they work odd jobs for neighbors and grandmas and grandpas and they’re nice ppl so they do it but this definitely isn’t what they want for their lives. Dae runs into Baek in a bar one day while trying to investigate a thieving incident that was assigned to his agency (after years!! this was their big break, they all believed), when all of a sudden a brawl is caused by an angry mob of alcoholics that are somehow involved in whatever Baekhyun’s assignment is. Daehyun is unwillingly pulled into the fray, and once it’s all over, Baekhyun looks over to him, heaving, ...

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  • famous rap star yoongi, successful businessman namjoon, au/ road

("C'mon! Have another drink. Come out where I am, on the edge." Knowing that I could not keep up, I said: "the edge is where we all want to be, the trick is not to bleed.")

yoongi is wild, reckless, callous-- but smart, the smartest person namjoon has ever known, and namjoon loves it and hates it all at once, the way his kisses are like ambrosia laced with cyanide, the way he teeters, teetered, again, and namjoon is so afraid of blinking, scared he’ll miss that crucial moment when yoongi falls off the edge, scared he won’t be there in time to reach out and save him.

(“i.. can’t even imagine how you feel.” namjoon says, eyes on the leather toes of his valentinos, too ashamed to look into yoongi’s eyes. then there are two...

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  • do you ever think about

the moment at which you first fell in love how different i have become how i have changed from the person i was that many years ago how my feelings are still the same and yet i am nowhere near capable of expressing them in the same way because my words feel so weightless, so empty and for granted because when they form at my fingertips they always come out differently than how i imagined or wanted for you or myself

because you still encompass the world, my world, my time and space a nd the sea and stars that lie beyond anything i'll ever know or come to understand, because i am incapable of feeling this way for anyone else, and yet

there is nothing.

i want to remember how to feel once more.

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