• if you need me to tag something for you just hit me up!
  • i currently tag
    • alcohol
    • gore/blood
    • horror/body horror/etc
    • eating disorder metnions
    • self image/weight mentions
  • what i need tagged
    • real gore/blood
    • insects/spiders
      • i have severe arachnophobia and i really need any VISUAL depictions of spiders tagged because it sets off my anxiety/paranoia and is just generally not a good time for me at all
may 28 2017 ∞
jul 4 2018 +

there's some non-kpop stuff i'll tweet about every now and then

  • rupaul's drag race
    • i do tweet about this a fair amount and i honestly can't help it
  • video games (obviously)
  • twilight (it's complicated)
  • mcelroy content
  • pitch perfect
  • anime/manga
    • i tend to read more manga; i don't have the attention span for anime sometimes
    • i'm SUPER into boku no hero academia rn!!!
may 29 2017 ∞
jul 4 2018 +

✯ levi // 21 // androgynous lesbian // white // any pronouns

  • most people end up using female pronouns for me but i genuinely don't have a preference. gender isn't real

✯ taurus // infp // chaotic good

k-pop is my main deal but i have a lot of other varied interests that i tweet about as well! my interests jump around a lot and i get into new things very fast and out of nowhere and sometimes they die out after a couple months. it's really random. (see my other lists for more info)

  • i joke that i'm an smtown elitist but i rlly am a huge fan of all of sm's artists and i like the company's overall style (definitely not their management tho)
  • i make a point of listening to almost every k-pop group out there whether i stan them or not. i do stan a lot of groups, bu...
sep 2 2015 ∞
jul 4 2018 +

(i tend to bounce around a lot; ppl i'm actively stanning are in bold , somewhat active are italicized )

♫ ults ♫

main ult: taeyeon (snsd)

girls: tiffany (snsd) // seohyun (snsd) // gain (brown eyed girls) // yeri (red velvet)

boys: bobby (ikon) // a-tom (topp dogg/jbj) // taeyong (nct) // ten (nct) // j-hope (bts) // jooheon (monsta x) // zhoumi (super junior-m) // siwon (super junior) // jonghyun (shinee)

♫ other groups i really like (biases) ♫

bgs: tvxq/jyj (jaejoong, changmin) // seventeen (jun, woozi) // hotshot (moonkyu, junhyuk) // boys' republic (minsu) // say yes (sion) // 24k (cory) // imfact (jeup)

ggs: pristin (kyulkyung) // f(x) (krystal, amber) // 2ne1 (cl)

♫ groups i listen to a lot ♫

bgs: snuper // varsity // cnblue // 2pm // vixx // got7 // block b/bastarz // exo // infinite // shinee // big bang // c-cl...

sep 2 2015 ∞
jul 4 2018 +