Inspired by Mouse's lists of things she liked today. I'd been keeping something similar in my paper notebook, but this might be a better place (baby keeps running off with my pen).

  • Huck so cute with his boyish haircut
  • Rose's company in the car during Bean's piano lesson
  • The Broom of Cowdenknowes--listening to it, singing it, hearing Beanie sing it, working it out on the pennywhistle
  • "I don't like a plum spot"
  • Bean & Rose so excited about reading Twelfth Night together
  • Jane quietly reading Twelfth Night on her own--"It sounded like fun"
  • Beanie: "Mom, I fear you have hooked me on Shakespeare!"
  • salt water taffy sent by Jay
  • got Stevie's glasses fixed
  • pleasant workout at the Y, and the little ones had such a good time in the playroom
  • leftover bbq chicken & beans for dinner
  • the sound of Huck's belly laughs coming from the backyard through my open window right now, and Stevie chuckling
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