italics means I've read it RUNNING TOTAL: 19 of 76

Early Readers

  • Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Spring Babies
  • Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl
  • National Geographic Readers: Ants
  • The Babysitters (Cork and Fuzz)
  • We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Chapter Books

  • Anna Hibiscus
  • Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000
  • Home on the Range (Down Girl and Sit)
  • Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade
  • Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off

Middle-grade SFF

  • The Call
  • The Dead Boys
  • Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs
jan 1 2011 ∞
mar 6 2011 +
  • Sweet Betsy from Pike
  • Lyke Wake Dirge
  • Lewis Bridal Song
  • That Night in Bethlehem
  • The Quaker's Wife
  • The Bonny Bonny Broom

and for warming up, Johnny Get Your Hair Cut and Drunken Sailor

6/6 added two new tunes


  • Tim Finnegan's Wake
  • On the Road to Boston
jun 5 2010 ∞
jun 11 2010 +
  • pennywhistle practice, and progress!
  • park day with all the homeschoolers
  • powdered donuts
  • good photos
  • talked to mom & dad
  • read quite a bit
  • sam s's french toast recipe
jun 4 2010 ∞
jun 4 2010 +

Inspired by Mouse's lists of things she liked today. I'd been keeping something similar in my paper notebook, but this might be a better place (baby keeps running off with my pen).

  • Huck so cute with his boyish haircut
  • Rose's company in the car during Bean's piano lesson
  • The Broom of Cowdenknowes--listening to it, singing it, hearing Beanie sing it, working it out on the pennywhistle
  • "I don't like a plum spot"
  • Bean & Rose so excited about reading Twelfth Night together
  • Jane quietly reading Twelfth Night on her own--"It sounded like fun"
  • Beanie: "Mom, I fear you have hooked me on Shakespeare!"
  • salt water taffy sent by Jay
  • got Stevie's glasses fixed
  • pleasant workout at the Y, and the little...
jun 1 2010 ∞
jun 1 2010 +


  • Son of Charlemagne by Barbara Willard (middle grade novel; historical fiction)
  • Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey (YA novel; Arthurian legend--how "Lord Artos" got horses strong enough to carry knights in full regalia)
  • Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle
  • What Happened in Hamelin by Gloria Skurzynski (middle-grade novel; Pied Piper)
  • The Minstrel in the Tower by Gloria Skurzynski (chapter book; brother & sister on perilous quest)
  • The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli (middle grade novel; knighthood, woodcarving; battle)
  • The Great and Terrible Quest by Margaret Lovett
  • The Apple and the Arrow by Mary & Conrad Buff (William Tell)
  • Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray
  • Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
  • Knight's Castle by Edward Eager (set in 20th century, but the children wind up inside the Ivanhoe story, sort of)
may 22 2010 ∞
may 22 2010 +
  • Rilla came to me with a paper cut. Not that I'm happy she was hurt, just--it struck me so sweetly that she still comes to me for little hurts like that, still believes a kiss from mommy can help
  • good IEP meeting -- they all love him so
  • cleaned up the side yard, threw out two bins of junk, pruned the pepper trees
  • Huck wearing the old cloth barn on his head like a jolly little hat. Hilarious! Also nice to see how beloved it still is, 16 years and 5 kids later
  • daffodils in the neighbor's yard
feb 13 2015 ∞
feb 13 2015 +
  • filling the bird feeders with Rilla
  • reading Mother Goose with her, and being read to by her
  • and Stevie looking on, enjoying
  • Stevie's pictures, the great round heads and orphan-annie eyes
  • Huck shirtless after his bath
  • discussing child labor laws with Rose & Bean
  • Time Capsule game
  • driving to science with Jane
  • evil deli chicken (Maud-L crockpot recipe) + wild rice
jan 17 2011 ∞
jan 17 2011 +
list icon
  • Arts & Crafts movement, Wm Morris
  • Oscar Wilde court cases
  • Victoria & Albert Museum
  • fashion/Rational Dress movement/Liberty robes
  • Gloucester Candlestick
  • Palissy
  • Prometheus Vase (Minton)
  • Sevres
  • Martin Brothers pottery
  • Hoffmann / Der Sandmann
jun 20 2010 ∞
jun 20 2010 +

Mostly I want to finish these books I've already started, some as long as a year ago. (Eek.)

  • The Whisper of Glocken
  • River in the Desert (my current nonfiction)
  • Crow Planet (my other current nonfiction!)
  • Black Horses for the King (a Jane request)
  • Graceling
  • The Thirteenth Tale
  • The Elegance of the Hedgehog
  • Great Books (Denby) (I was halfway through and just plain forgot to finish, but it was great)
  • Caw of the Wild
  • Snow Crash
  • Battle Royale
  • The Scent of Water
  • The Love Letters (L'Engle)
jun 2 2010 ∞
jun 6 2010 +

Library holds

  • Keeper, Kathi Appelt (Fuse #8 review)
  • The Underneath, ditto
  • Cosmic, Frank Cottrell Boyce (Semicolon)
  • Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay (Chasing Ray)
  • Magic Under Glass, Jaclyn Dolamore
  • The Children's Book, Byatt
jun 4 2010 ∞
jun 4 2010 +
  • Rose's haircut and her impish eyes all lit up
  • Lyke Wake Dirge on pennywhistle (just about have it down)
  • Huck asleep in the stroller clutching a car in each chubby fist
  • dirty rice for Scott's dinner
  • quick phone chat with Eileen S.
  • wild Google spree hunting up Magic Wavers history for Rachel's Emma
  • a 92-point word in Lexulous
jun 2 2010 ∞
jun 3 2010 +

Complete English monarchs list at Wikipedia []

a few I was particularly trying to remember:

    • Henry VII (1485-1509)
    • Henry VIII (1509-1547)
    • Edward VI (1547-1553)
    • Jane (uncrowned) (1553) (deposed, executed 1554)
    • Mary I (1553-1558) and Philip (1554-1558), as co-monarchs
    • Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
    • James I (1603-1625), also from 1567 King James VI of Scotland
    • Charles I (1625-1649), also King of Scotland
    • Charles II (1660-1685), also King of Scot...
may 22 2010 ∞
may 22 2010 +
  • Remembering these notes with fondness
  • Sean's marble maze arrived and he has put away the iPad in the middle of electronics time to play with it
  • Scott is having lunch with Rick Burchett, who is here for Rose City Comic Con
  • Kelly has worked all day on her Braided Bookmarks sign and storefront ;)
sep 9 2017 ∞
sep 9 2017 +
  • playing roll the ball down the slide with Rilla & Huck
  • reading nursery rhymes with Rilla (again)
  • sweet Stevie-boy smile
  • morning walk with Scott, crows mobbing hawk
  • reading about Dickens to girls (& Scott listening in)
  • nice long talk with girls in the morning, history of the Mass
  • planting sunflower seeds with the littles
jan 18 2011 ∞
jan 18 2011 +

CYBILs shortlisters:

  • Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty
  • The Call
  • Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl
  • We Are in a Book
  • Guardian of the Dead (also Morris)


  • One Crazy Summer
  • Crank
  • The Doomsday Book
  • To Say Nothing of the Dog
  • Hold Me Closer Necromancer (Morris)
  • Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
  • Turtle in Paradise
jan 1 2011 ∞
jan 1 2011 +
  • The Boneshaker (Kate Milford)
  • The Magician (Lev Grossman)
  • The Passage (Justin Cronin)

hmm, title trend?

  • One Crazy Summer
jun 19 2010 ∞
jun 19 2010 +
  • NOT Scott's knee, swollen the size of a grapefruit!
  • but he went to the doctor, so that's good
  • Jane happy about finishing her game
  • making very good progress on several songs
  • learning how to make a satisfying checkmark here
  • finished The Whisper of Glocken, which was SO GOOD
  • watching Scott & Rilla play
  • Huck dancing
  • discovering Scrivener
  • the sound of The Bonny Bonny Broom
  • rolling out pizza dough with Rilla and Stevie
  • worked out at the Y
jun 5 2010 ∞
jun 5 2010 +
  • met a deadline a whole day early (gotta be a first)
  • fun training session at the Y
  • the way the baby dove out of my arms to run into the Y playroom, and the way he dove back into my arms an hour later
  • watching West Wing with Scott & Jane at night
  • the nice surprise from Ellen
  • Brigid on FB at last
jun 3 2010 ∞
jun 3 2010 +

Chorus Step we gaily, on we go, Heel for heel and toe for toe. Arm in arm and row on row, All for Mairi's wedding. Over hillways, up and down, Myrtle green and bracken brown. Past the shielings, through the town, All for sake o' Mairi. Chorus Red her cheeks as rowans are, Bright her eye as any star. Fairest o' them all by far ...

may 22 2010 ∞
jun 8 2010 +
  • detailed timeline
  • highlights (and related books, mostly children's)
    • 5th century (EARLY MIDDLE AGES)
      • St. Patrick (PATRICK, SAINT OF IRELAND by Tomie de Paola)
      • Visigoths, Vandals, Attila the Hun
      • 476 end of Western Roman Empire
      • Clovis, King of Franks
    • 6th century
      • St. Benedict (RULE OF ST. BENEDICT)
      • Justinian I (Eastern Roman Empire)
      • Byzantines
      • Bubonic plague in Constantinople
      • St. Columba
      • birth of Mohammed
      • Saxons advance
      • Augustine of Canterbury; Pope Gregory the...
may 22 2010 ∞
may 22 2010 +