• it's just practice
    • jungkook’s sick of being an inexperienced virgin, and there’s only one person he trusts enough to take care of him for his first time.
  • varsity
    • in which park jimin and jeon jungkook are rivals.
  • show me how it's done
    • "do you want me to kiss you, kookie?" he hears himself ask, and his voice is so deep, so startlingly deep and scratchy that even jimin himself is slightly taken aback.
  • (i'm just your early morning company if ...
    • nobody knows what jeongguk does when he’s closed his bedroom door shut late at n..._(no penetration)_
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  • break your plans tonight
    • the one where jungkook finds himself celebrating his 19th birthday with a prostitute thanks to his hyungs
  • (the feeling of getting you closer is ta...
    • it's not often that jeongguk lets himself be in this position.
  • like everybody else
    • he probably hadn’t meant to say it. had he? maybe it had just been a slip of the tongue.
  • breathe again
    • "i want daddy to spank me until i cry."
  • noge u zrak
    • hoseok just wanted to know, and if it meant he would have to find out first-hand, ...them legs, though series
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  • take me in (so pretty,baby)
    • "he likes it when we play with his mouth, doesn’t he, tae?" jimin coos fondly. "so much, jimin," taehyung responds with a grin. simultaneously, they turn and look down with matching smiles laced with mischief. beneath the two of them, jeongguk squirms in embarrassment.
  • memento vivere
    • “you took long,” taehyung's saying, his lips quirking up into a faint smile as jungkook fixes jimin with a dazed stare. “our baby’s about to go insane. care to join us?” (aka jungkook's being too much of a nerd and his boyfriends miss him.)
  • (detonate me, granulate me kill me like ...
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i'm absolute garbage and i love bottom jungkook so i made this listography containing bottom jungkook fics!!!

  • just some extra info
    • my favourite pairing is jikook so its list has the most fics
    • most things here are smut
    • most of them are submissive jungkook
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  • comeback kids
    • taehyung is infuriating and jungkook's always been easy to rile up. which isn't the best combination, but also isn't the worst, either. (or: taekook as hockey fuckboy rivals)
  • all for you
    • school boys AU. "hey," taehyung coolly leans against the desk and winks at jeongguk. "you busy?" jeongguk looks up from his open notebook and asks, "what do you want?" "oh, you know," taehyung shrugs. slowly, he reaches for the top of jeongguk's tie and strokes down its length. "this or that."
  • i can make you (cry for me)
    • being stoned makes you do a lot of things. like fuck jeon jeongguk for instance.
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  • game changer
    • yoongi’s partly bored, partly turned on, but deep down they all want to know how depraved this game will have to get until jungkook spits that water back out and surrenders. (alternatively- they go home and finish the game.)
  • naughty readings for naughty readers
    • a series of one-shots comprised of jungkook taking it up the ass. enjoy.
  • pastel
    • jeongguk learns the age-old lesson that you can't run from who you are, or who you like, for that matter.
  • (this bottle is spinning and i hope it l...
    • jimin really can't hate this idea of taehyung's. he just wants his luck to coopera...
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  • baby blue
    • modern AU in which yoongi has the hots for pastel!jungkook, and jungkook just wants to be babied and spoiled 24/7
  • put on a show
    • the first time it happens, it’s by accident.
  • 3 years
    • that yoonkook fic where yoongi cheats on his gf of 3 years with the boy next door
  • first and last series
    • this is Amazing
  • be my bad boy
    • if he asks nicely, he'll get what he wants. if he says 'please,' bats his eyelashes, pouts his lips and pours his innocence...
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  • stitch me a pretty scar
    • there are two sides to jungkook seokjin gets to see. one on the verge of death- bright-eyed and pale, strapped to a gurney more often than not. the other one- happy, flushed, and twisting in seokjin's sheets. he's more than a little addicted to both. alternatively - doctor kim seokjin patches up SWAT team's #1 ace and rookie officer, jeon jungkook.
  • go to bed, jungkook
    • when jungkook can't calm himself down, seokjin helps
  • take care of me
    • seokjin takes care of his spoiled bunny jungkook
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  • break the rules
    • this has been going on for a month now, and namjoon can barely remember how it started. he does well at minding his own business. keeping his feelings and desires hidden. stealing furtive, rushed moments to himself to blow off steam when he can, so he can lead the others without getting distracted. jeon jungkook is fucking distracting. namjoon's always liked jungkook. loved him, even, like he loves the rest of them. he doesn't remember when everything changed. all he knows is that jungkook’s gaze is hotter now, every time it settles on namjoon. his shoulders are broader and his hips are slender and his thighs are… jeon jungkook is a problem.
  • seven year itch
    • jungkook has had a crush on his brother's...
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